Courthouses Win Architectural Awards

Courthouses Win Architectural Awards

WASHINGTON – November 16, 2016 – (RealEstateRama) — Seven U.S. courthouses are among the 17 federal buildings honored in this year’s General Services Administration Design Awards. Representing a mix of both modern and traditional architecture, these courthouses were honored based on a wide variety of criteria—ranging from functionality and public benefit to design and sustainability, as well as their aesthetic appeal.

United States Courts

For 25 years, the GSA Design Awards have celebrated the achievements of the architects, engineers, artists and designers who create the nation’s landmarks.

In addition, in 2016, GSA initiated a ten year award to recognize “how a great building becomes iconic over time.”

This year’s winners are Boston’s John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse and the Lloyd D. George United States Courthouse in Las Vegas. “Not only have they stood the test of time; these buildings look and feel better today than when they were brand-new,” GSA said in its Design Award program.

The program said: “Although they represent very different cities, climates, and neighborhoods, both have improved with age precisely because they were designed with an eye to long-term public benefit.

“The Moakley courthouse, on Fan Pier, catalyzed a wide-ranging neighborhood redevelopment that has bridged Boston and South Boston. The building reflects the traditions and aspirations of its home city, and has effected its transformation.

“Meanwhile, the design of the George courthouse takes no cues from the Las Vegas Strip, instead interpreting the strength of the United States justice system in a wholly modern way. This building expanded the possibilities of courthouse architecture in general, thereby turning the course of GSA’s Design Excellence Program. The jury lauds the George courthouse for engaging a different, more conceptual context, and for balancing that accomplishment with genuine concern for the urban sphere and people nearby.”

U.S. Courts

The U.S. Courts, located in courthouses across the nation, safeguard the constitutional rights and liberties of the public. Judges, court clerks, federal public defenders, law clerks, probation and pretrial services officers, technology specialists, human resources and budget specialists, administrative staff, and many others with a variety of skills and talents work in support of this mission.

As Guardians of the Constitution, the U.S. Courts address cases and controversies that can impact the lives of all Americans.The U.S. Courts

- Help individuals and businesses who cannot pay their debts.
- Resolve civil disputes involving failure to meet legal agreements.
- Decide criminal cases alleging violations of federal criminal laws.
- Conduct naturalization ceremonies for new U.S. citizens.
- Work with criminal defendants and offenders in the probation and pretrial system.
- Provide federal public defenders to those who cannot afford legal counsel.


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