Rep. John Conyers to Introduce Bill to Address Nation’s Looming Water Infrastructure Crisis

WASHINGTON – On May 24, 2016, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) will announce the introduction of the Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity and Reliability (WATER) Act, which will provide billions of dollars a year in dedicated funding to modernize U.S. water infrastructure.

WHAT: Press conference to introduce the Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity and Reliability (WATER) Act.

WHERE: House Triangle on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 1:00 p.m.

SPEAKERS: Rep. John Conyers; Rep. Brenda Lawrence; Wenonah Hauter, Food & Water Watch;  Rev. Yearwood, Hip Hop Caucus; Mike Hersh – Progressive Democrats of America.

WHY: Since the 1980s, federal funding for water systems has declined. Analysis by Food & Water Watch finds that, on a per capita basis, federal funding has declined 82 percent since its peak in 1977. The federal government spent $76.27 per person on water services in 1977, but by 2014 that support had fallen to $13.68 per person.

Failing service lines pose a danger to the environment, and wastewater overflows threaten public health. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that $697 billion is needed to upgrade our drinking water and wastewater systems over the next 20 years.

Without adequate federal support, communities often have to compensate for the funding gap by raising service rates, which some households cannot afford, leading some to lose access to water service.

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