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IHA Places Emphasis on Addressing Housing Needs of Developing Countries

Washington, DC  – (RealEstateRama) — During its 2017 Interim Meeting this week in Tokyo, the International Housing Association (IHA) launched a new working group to support the housing needs of developing countries. The IHA aims to advance the housing industry globally. By bringing a focus to the specific needs of developing countries through this new working group, the IHA will actively contribute to a better understanding their needs and thereby bring heightened awareness to the housing needs of its member countries and across the world.

“IHA is committed to opening the channels of communication to help address the housing needs of developing counties that are actively working to advise the economic position and living standards of their citizens through housing,” said Kevin Lee, chairman of IHA and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. “By working together, we will be able to share ideas and best practices from around the world that have worked in other countries, to better assist developing countries that may have similar challenges.”

The IHA recognizes that the residential construction needs of developing countries need to be better understood by the global industry as a whole. The Working Group will serve as the key forum for dialogue about some of the challenges these countries face while moving toward solutions to meet their housing needs.

Lee noted, “while residential construction needs can vary greatly from country to country, there are many common goals and issues that we share. We hope that this

Working Group will open up a dialogue and will help provide developing countries with some resources and solutions to help address the housing needs within their individual countries.”

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Elizabeth Thompson