Is your business suffering too because of a lack of motivation from your workers? And are you wondering why this is happening and how you can change it? Well, fear no more as you have come to the right place to gain the optimum tactics to boost

4 Ways to Detect a Leak Within the Walls

Homeowners will find that defective plumbing, missing or damaged roof tiles and a cracked foundation can lead to water leaks. The longer a leak continues without being addressed by a Provo plumber, the greater the risk of structural damage to the house. Leaks that occur within the walls can also create harmful mold growth.


Remodeling your home is out of the question when you’re on a tight budget, or is it? With access to limitless information and ideas, you can easily make up for the low budget with some creativity. DIY ideas are known for doing just that.
David Light

The Land Broker Co-op Partners with RealX to Modernize Solar, Wind, and Mineral...

RealX, America’s first and largest online property rights exchange, and The Land Broker Co-op (the “Co-op”), have agreed to provide a turnkey solution for transacting property rights for the Co-op’s 16,000 land-focused real estate agents.

Finding Top Talent for Your Real Estate Business

When it comes to careers in real estate, most people think of realtors. However, the truth is there are dozens, if not hundreds of different job titles and career opportunities in the world of real estate development, construction, management, and sales. Nobody knows this better than the men and women who own and operate various businesses in the real estate industry
Real Estate Agents During Coronavirus

Tips for Real Estate Agents During Coronavirus

COVID-19 has completely changed the way we do business in every way. In the early spring, the entire country was essentially shut down. Then, states started gradually reopening on their own timetables.

Finding the Perfect Real Estate CRM: 5 Factors to Consider

When you are looking for a home, what are the things that you would consider? You would check whether or not the foundation of the home is right and sturdy, you would check the neighbourhood where the home is and you would check other things like the price of the home and the budget that you have as well. Apart from this, you would check for the legalities so that you do not have a legal case on your hands and you would also check the other things that have to do with the paperwork of the home.
Direct Mail for Real Estate Marketing

What Direct Mail Can Do for Real Estate Marketing

If there's ever been an industry where image matters most, it's real estate. There are few financial decisions that weigh as heavy as purchasing a property, so it's no surprise that your market will be playing it safe. Potential buyers are often hyperaware
AerialSphere plane and DJVegh

AerialSphere Launches Next-Gen Mapping Technology to Change how Consumers Experience Real Estate

AerialSphere, the industry leader in delivering immersive aerial experiences, today announced the launch of XP360 web application and API, which creates an online home search
Jarred Kessler - CEO and Co-Founder EasyKnock

zavvie and EasyKnock partner to offer innovative bridge option

zavvie, the nation’s first iBuyer platform for real estate brokerages, today announced a partnership with  EasyKnock to offer homeowners a seamless solution to sell, leaseback and move when ready.

4 Tips on Becoming a Thriving Real Estate Agent

Despite the ebbing and flowing of the times, the real estate industry has always been one of the most profitable and powerful industries to work in. It’s the type of industry that always offers plenty of hiring opportunities, either as property managers, business brokers or real estate agents.

What is Glass Extension to Kitchens?

Kitchen fronts made of glass are elegant and versatile, so they have not gone out of fashion for many years, taking on more and more advanced forms. They become the decoration of any interior and fit almost all styles, from classic to high-tech. Additional attractiveness is provided by the decoration and original fittings, which in a wide range of modern manufacturers.

The Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

Real estate is one of the most fulfilling and exciting careers in the US. It allows you to immerse yourself in marketing and interact with people. The tech industry has made many aspects of a real estate professional easier, from searching for homes to closing sales.

Home Decoration Tips and ideas.

The moving procedure can be pretty work-concentrated. In case you're selling, arranging your home so somebody will become hopelessly enamored with it and get it is a vocation in itself. At that point, there's the errand of pressing and getting out your old spot.
Spa Bathroom in your Home

How to Create a Spa Bathroom in your Home

Nowadays, people are starting to consider spa bathrooms seriously. We all know that a trip to the spa is one of the most relaxing luxuries to indulge in. Everyone needs to take a break from work, get pampered, and be fully recharged.
Buy a New Home

Tips for Buying a New Construction Home: How to Buy a New Home?

Buying a new construction home is an important decision and step for everyone. The acquisition of house associates with a very high risk. Because this transaction requires significant financial costs.
Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

What Is a Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

Real estate is a huge market and there are millions of Americans looking to buy and sell homes. In fact, over 5 million existing homes were bought and sold throughout the country in 2019. While you can sell a home on your own without any assistance

What to Know About Buying a Home During a Pandemic

So you want to purchase a home, but the coronavirus pandemic has turned life upside down. Many non-essential businesses are closed, people have been advised to remain close to home, and social distancing is ideal when interacting in person. Not to mention, with unemployment rates continuing to rise, banks have changed regulations to try and reduce their risks.

Replace Your Old Colorbond Roof in Melbourne

A house is comprised of the interior and exterior parts all combining to come up with your dream house. Most homeowners tend to prioritize some parts of the house and ignore others, one important part that has been ignored for long is the roofing system. With the Melbourne weather always fluctuating from heavy rainfall to super dry seasons with strong winds
BRRRR Calculator in Real Estate

Why the BRRRR Calculator is Important in Real Estate

The BRRRR strategy has been circulating for many years and stands for buy, repair, rent, refinance, and repeat. This strategy became very popular when investors began using it to purchase a rental property, and then get most, or all, of their money back

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FEMA Offers Free Rebuilding Tips at Local Home Improvement Stores

Disaster survivors affected by the severe storms and floods from Tropical Storm Imelda, can visit local home improvement stores in Houston, Pasadena and Webster for rebuilding tips from mitigation experts.

Recent Gov & Nonprofit Real Estate Press Releases

Why You Should Use a Realtor to Buy and Sell Your...

We’ve all seen the For Sale By Owner signs, and even the websites.  “Wow,” you might think to yourself. “That sounds like a great way to save on the realtor’s commission and up my profit.”  or “Hey, if I buy straight from the owner, it will cut out all the extra stuff and make the process easier and cheaper.”  You may want to think again.