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Why Virtual Property Tours Are Good For Buyers, Sellers, and Agents

There are many reasons to enjoy a virtual tour. Also, a lot of evidence exists that shows those looking for a home to buy will actually take a look around online initially. Many will also end up purchasing the same home they saw while searching websites. But why exactly do they enjoy viewing homes virtually?
Michael Minard - Delta CEO and owner

Delta Media tops real estate technology integration study

Real estate technology systems that don’t “talk” to each other are among the most frustrating pain points for real estate brokers and their agents. Research documents the importance of “systems integration
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Rental Beast Brings Rental Tech Tools and Education to MLS PIN

As tight inventory fuels rentals in the housing industry, sophisticated tools for rental clients are essential. Rental Beast, the real estate technology firm providing end-to-end software and a database of more than nine million rentals listings
Sticky Door Lock Maintenance

Sticky Door Lock Maintenance: What Lubricants Do The Professional Locksmith’s Use?

In the routine maintenance of your door locks, you may wonder what would be the right lubricant for your unique lock. Todd at was quoted saying...
Fix Roof Leaks

How To Fix Roof Leaks

The roof is at the top of our home, and similarly, fixing the roof always must be at the top of our priority. If anything happens to the roof, especially if there is any leak on the roof, it must be fixed as soon as possible.
Install Tiles Fast

5 Tips to Install Tiles Fast

Tiles are one of the most used materials in home decor. They can easily glow up a home with minimal effort. Due to their cost effectiveness, large range of choosing options, easy installation, and low maintenance cost, people all around the world have invited them into their homes cordially.
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Call Centers Losing Ground to Showing Automation

TourZazz, the leading provider of mobile apps for managing home buyer showings, today announced that agents surveyed in Austin prefer technology automation to call centers. Agents using the smart automation features share that setting, modifying

Can Multiple Listing Services Stay Relevant in a World of Advanced Technology?

The industry of real estate has been around for centuries – people will always need to buy and sell homes, and the nature of the transactions are usually so complex that specialist strands of expertise are likely to always play a crucial role. As with many industries, real estate has been on the receiving

Why Adding a Home Elevator Can Increase Your Home Value

Home elevators are gaining popularity for good reason. Installing one will allow you to get some enjoyment out of it, but it can also increase the value of your home. And if you're planning on remaining in the house for a while, you’ll find it’s useful in your daily life.

Top Window Air Conditioners in 2021

A window AC is supposed to be the most common and popular form of the air conditioner. It is very easily seen in every household without any complaints. It is excellent for easy cooling and if your space is small, nothing can be better than this. It is a small and compact white-box model that has no aesthetic value and will not add any décor to your room.
Grid Alternatives

SMA America announces equipment partnership with GRID Alternatives

SMA America is proud to announce that the company is now a national equipment supplier for GRID Alternatives, the nation’s largest nonprofit solar installer.
Tech Helpline

Florida Realtors® Tech Helpline adds new Associations and 26,000 new members

Florida Realtors Tech Helpline announced the addition of five Realtor Associations, including Missouri REALTORS and Iowa Association of REALTORS. The continued expansion by real estate’s No. 1 tech support service gives new access to more

4 Great Digital Tools for House Hunters

The age of technology has made house hunting much easier. You can use the many digital tools now available that make it possible for you to search for homes in the neighborhoods you prefer and compare their prices. Avoid the time and energy spent visiting individual properties to check for the ones you might want to purchase. By checking online sites, you can get a fair overview of the pros and cons before visiting in person.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet Installation: A Guide for Homeowners

When planning for a home makeover, flooring is among the crucial decisions to make. Today, there are several choices, including wall-to-wall carpets, vinyl, tiles, and wooden flooring. Though you might love the durable finish and easy cleaning of other floor covering options

Local Showings by Delta Media set for early April launch

Unprecedented demand from MLS and brokerages is met with a “guarantee” not to sell, commitment to Phase II development. Delta Media Group announced today the launch of Local Showings, an independent full-featured property showing

Real-estate syndication software, Cash Flow Portal, raises $1 million in self-financing

Cash Flow Portal is a real-estate syndication software launched by Lyft’s software engineer and a real-estate syndicator Perry Zheng at the start of the global pandemic. Perry is a great example and inspiration for those who want to achieve great things in life.

How to Prepare for Pest Control Service?

Hiring a pest control professional means, you want effective elimination of pests from your place that requires a partnership between experienced pest control operators and the home owner. Both will take action to get the pests out and keep them out.
Renovate and Improve Aesthetics of Your House

How to Renovate and Improve Aesthetics of Your House?

You are revamping on the grounds that you need your home to look more delightful and feel better. Consider your home redesign plan as a field-tested strategy or as your unique venture you are beginning without any preparation.


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Blueacorn Website

Real Estate Agents Eligible for PPP Loans Until March 31st

MooveGuru, the real estate industry's most extensive moving concierge service today announced that they have partnered with Blueacorn to give independent contractors the ability to apply for the federal Paycheck Protection Program loan program

Business Real Estate Press Releases

Robert Lindley - Canyon Title

Robert Lindley of Canyon Title Selected for 2021 Titan 100 CEO...

Canyon Title Inc, a Boston National Company, announced today that Robert Lindley, President and CEO of Canyon Title, has been selected for the 2021 Titan 100 by Wipfli, LLP. Collectively, the Titan 100 and their companies employ more than 127,00

Recent Gov & Nonprofit Real Estate Press Releases

Covid-Safe Open House in 2021

How to Deliver a Covid-Safe Open House in 2021

Running an open house is not as easy as it used to be. The real estate world has been shook-up by the Covid-19 pandemic as much as any other industry. It’s necessary to plan for precautions when you’re expecting many people to come through the front door.