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Moving hacks

Moving hacks to make your shifting easier

You might hear people waxing eloquent about the sheer excitement and happiness of moving day. But the fact is they fail to go over all the challenges that come with it. Moving may mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life, but starting this chapter comes with its own set of hurdles

5 Things To Remember Before Starting a Cross Country Move

Cross-country moving can be challenging. It is not an easy task to pack up your entire household and coordinate the move to your new location. This process needs a calm mind that will help you stay organized throughout. To help you out, here are five vital things you should remember before starting a cross-country move.

4 Packing Tips for Your Long Distance Move

You’ve found your dream home and you’re preparing your family for a long trip to a city, state, or even country. Congratulations! Alongside the excitement of a long move, there’s plenty of factors that cause stress.

5 Signs That it is Worth It to Afford a Modular Home

When you want to buy or build a home you may want to customize what you buy, but you may also want to move into it quickly. This seems to present a conundrum until you realize that you have options that include manufactured and modular homes
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MooveGuru Network Now Includes Over 500,000 Home Pros

MooveGuru, the real estate industry's largest moving concierge service, announced that they have eclipsed the 500,000 mark for local and national home professionals who are connected to the MooveGuru network
Moving to Denver

3 Things to Consider Before Moving to Denver

Denver has been among the fastest-growing large cities in the USA for many years. In fact, the population has grown by around 20% in the last decade or so, and shows no signs of slowing down. It has great weather, isn’t too expensive, and has tons to do and see.

Moving Up The Property Ladder: How To Decide If You’re Ready For A Bigger...

You may be feeling you’ve outgrown your starter house, whether in terms of lifestyle, family size or the amount of work you need to put into your current property. Whatever the reason, many people dream and aspire to a larger home. Here are some of the factors to consider to decide if you’re ready for a bigger home.

10 Things You’re Probably Going to Forget During Your Move

There’s a lot that goes into a moving day. At this point, you’ve already found your landing spot, packed up the house, and coordinated the movers. You’ve been busy getting here, so it’s not uncommon to forget a few things here and there.

A Good Moving Checklist

Moving house is one of the most daunting activities we all need to put up with at least once in a lifetime. According to psychologists, a move can be as stressful as a divorce. One thing you can do to alleviate this stress is to put together an excellent moving checklist to rely on. Here are a few tips to help you create the most practical moving checklist.

10 Essential Packing Tips for Moving House

It is exciting to move to a new place, but the stress that comes with packing is something most people fear the most. You have to ensure your home is clean, reach out to utility companies, pack your belongings and hire a firm to help you remove some of your properties. The stress isn’t something to look forward to.
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MooveGuru Announces Executive Appointments

MooveGuru, the real estate industry's most extensive moving concierge service today announced that they have appointed industry veterans Kathleen Austin Kuhn and Frank Chimento to the executive leadership team.

Canyon Title Partners with Moving Concierge Firm MooveGuru to Launch Canyon Concierge

Canyon Title Inc, a Boston National Company, announced the launch of Canyon Concierge today. This automated program, powered by MooveGuru, Inc., allows Canyon Title representatives and their agents to provide their customers with exclusive


According to a recent report by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI), more than 25% of Australians have moved into a smaller dwelling since turning 55, ultimately, reflecting a more simplistic, low-maintenance lifestyle.

How to Know When Moving is The Best Choice for Your Family

If you’re thinking of moving house, but you aren’t sure whether you’re making the right choice, it’s a good idea to think about the other people who would be involved in that move. If you take them into account, as well as your own thoughts and feelings, you’ll be able to have a better gauge on just what your next step should be.
Relocation Tips

Relocation Tips by Real Estate Agents

Moving is a complex task and it can be a hard change for people relocating to another city or place. Movers keep looking for easy moving tips to have a smooth moving experience. While it is easy to make a relocation process smooth with the help of expert movers
Big Move

How To Pack Your Things Ready For A Big Move

Moving to a new home can be exciting and overwhelming. It’s an exciting experience, especially when you’re moving to your first owned home. However, it can also be stressful when you have plenty of items you need to pack and think about.


It seems thrilling when you plan to take a two-month break from work and go live in the mountains to unwind and relax. But a minute into the plan, and you soon start dreading leaving your car all alone. Cars stay on top of their functionality

Top 6 Tips For Hiring Long Distance Movers

Millions of people move long distances or one state to another in a year.  Very few of these moves ever go smoothly, with many instances of lost items, broken valuables, or even movers not showing up being reported. However, this doesn't mean your next cross-country or interstate move has to be as hectic as many people put it.  All you need to do is come up with a well-formulated plan for the move, and most importantly, hire the right long-distance mover for the job.
New Home During COVID

Your Guide to Moving to a New Home During COVID

The coronavirus has made everything far more difficult. From picking up your weekly groceries to commuting to the office, life contains many new challenges that simply weren’t a part of our routines just mere months ago.

Consider These 5 Locations to Relocate Your Business

The grass on the other side looks greener every year for entrepreneurs. Change of location is one of the most promising paths to business growth. You may want to shift cities because you need more space, are located in an area headed downhill, or are just looking for an upgrade. According to the US Census Bureau more than 40 million Americans relocate each year

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Property Developer

What Does a Property Developer like Doug Ebenstein Do?

You may look around your environment and see shopping malls, houses, hotels, warehouses, healthcare clinics, shops, and factories. They are real estate and the product of successful developers, and they should be commended for what they do.