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International Housing Community Gathers to Discuss Importance of the Housing Continuum

Washington, DC  – (RealEstateRama) — At its 2017 Interim Meeting this week in Tokyo, the International Housing Association (IHA) has officially released the IHA Housing Continuum, an important tool to support dialogue between countries around the world to collaborate to improve housing for all.

The IHA Housing Continuum provides a working diagram and terminology guide to common housing supply system elements, including types of housing units, types of programming, and whether they are social units or programs, or market-based. While different countries use different terms or definitions, the IHA Housing Continuum provides a basic lexicon for international dialogue for best approaches to improve housing systems.

A fundamental concept of the IHA Housing Continuum is that a successful housing system provides shelter for all, while facilitating people moving up the continuum to improve their own socio-economic well-being. This in turn contributes to improving the socio-economic well-being of an entire nation.

“The IHA is actively engaged in addressing housing affordability challenges faced by member countries around the world, including the social housing challenges facing those most in need. By establishing the official IHA Housing Continuum, we are providing a common lexicon as a key tool for advancing dialogue on these important issues. It will facilitate discussions, enhance collaboration, and accelerate the finding of the right solutions for the varying situations around the world,” said Kevin Lee, chairman of IHA and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. “While each country has different traditions and individual needs, it is helpful to learn from each other and share challenges and best practices for housing’s role in the economy, so each country can find the solutions that are right for them. The IHA Housing Continuum will help us, and others around the world, do just that.”

“The international housing industry is working together to meet the housing needs of communities across the world, and not only provide residents with shelter, but also give them the tools to move forward through the continuum to advance their own financial success, and in turn that of entire countries,” noted Lee.

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Elizabeth Thompson