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NAHB’s Cost Of Doing Business Study Helps Builders Evaluate Their Financial Performance

March 11, 2008 – Builders now have an opportunity to see how their business stacks up against the competition. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently released the 2008 edition of the Cost of Doing Business Study, a national study of builders’ business practices and financial performance.

Available through BuilderBooks, NAHB’s book publishing division, this unique resource gives home builders a rare glimpse at other builders’ financial books by providing data about profitability, cost of sales and expenses from hundreds of home builders across the country.

The survey sponsored by Grant Thornton, included participation from nearly than 300 NAHB builder members who provided their 2006 financial data. The latest edition of the study provides builders with an opportunity to evaluate their financial performance against the industry as a whole as well as against their own business goals. Builders and developers will also benefit from the new listing of useful tax tips for businesses, provided by Grant Thornton.

Builders can see how they measure up against industry-wide averages in areas including:

– Gross margin and net profit
– Cost of goods sold
– Operating expenses
– Financial ratios (current ratio, debt-to-equity ratio, and more)

The Cost of Doing Business Study contains a wealth of data, analysis and guidance to help builders boost profitability, increase efficiency, set realistic budget targets and improve upon their business practices. Several categories are analyzed in the survey (volume, operation type, and land vs. no land) making it easy for builders to compare their performance against the data.

The Cost of Doing Business Study, 2008 Edition is available for purchase at or by calling 800-223-2665.  Soft-cover/112 pages, $199.00 Retail, $99.00 NAHB Member, ISBN 978-0-86718-636-9.