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RESO Approves Updated Standards, Opens for Certification

Raleigh, NC – November 16, 2020 – RealEstateRama – The Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) has ratified its updated technical specifications for RESO Dictionary 1.7 and RESO Web API 1.0.2 Core, effective November 10, 2020.

Multiple listing services (MLSs), technology companies and real estate brokerages can now be certified on these updated standards. Certifications for both Data Dictionary and Web API will be granted simultaneously to an MLS upon passage of a Data Dictionary implementation via an MLS’s certified Web API server.

Rebecca Jensen - RESO Chair
Rebecca Jensen – RESO Chair

“This is a defining moment for RESO standards,” said RESO Chair and MRED CEO, Rebecca Jensen. “RESO has now moved all of its certifications to a single certification level. All certified technology going forward will conform to the same standard and ‘speak the same language.’ RESO’s workgroups and board can be proud of this achievement that culminates 20 years of their work.”

RESO CEO Sam DeBord explained the path forward: “Technology is in a constant state of change, and these new standards will keep organizations on pace with their industry counterparts. We have work to do, but the efficiency gains are well worth it. RESO will diligently support our technology partners to guide them through this process.”

RESO displays information about certified organizations in three places on its website: as part of a certification map, in a definitive list and in a list of organizations that are noncompliant.

Certifications expire when the awarded certification is older than the two most recent versions of a specific standard. Older but still recognized RESO standards certifications are classified as “Certified Legacy” and those which are certified on the most recently ratified standards are called “Certified Current.”

Updated specification documentation is now available on RESO’s website. All testing will be performed on the new RESO Commander certification software stack. Members are encouraged to reach out to RESO’s certification staff to access these tools for their own pre-testing purposes prior to certification.

Policy Requirements for REALTOR® MLSs

National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) policy dictates that MLSs owned and operated by REALTOR® organizations must be in compliance with RESO’s most recently ratified standards within 12 months of RESO ratification.

A recent NAR policy update also requires that the Web API services of MLSs owned and operated by REALTOR® organizations must include all fields available in their RETS, FTP or other data-access services. These fields must be delivered in conformance with RESO Data Dictionary standards.

REALTOR® MLSs should engage their vendors in planning for these upgrades to their systems immediately. Conformance with Web API 1.0.2 Core and Data Dictionary 1.7 is required by November 10, 2021.


About RESO
RESO provides the foundation for streamlined real estate technology through the creation and certification of standards. Our member organizations include MLSs, brokerages, REALTOR® associations and technology partners serving more than one million real estate professionals. |

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