How often to deep clean your office carpets?

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When it comes to the office building, dirt has its’ own way of finding a place to stay. Considering there are 1000 people coming in and out of the office in a month work period, there could be over twenty-five pounds of dirt that can be tracked. That’s a lot of dirt out there. Office carpets often get dusted with dirt as well as debris, especially in high traffic locations. So many office facilities ask, how often should the carpet be cleaned?

The answer to this question varies on different factors such as the type of carpet you have, the number of people occupying the area with the carpet on and the specifics of the building and the kind of cleaning you do.

Carpet Type

Thick and heavy carpets tend to trap less dirt compared to lighter carpets. So if your office has light carpets, cleaning should be done more than once a year. The style, design, and color of the carpet will also determine how often the carpet should be cleaned.

Number of people

If there are so many clients that walk so often on the carpet of an office, then it is recommended that cleaning should be done at least once a month in order to maintain cleanliness and to help preserve the carpet. For areas with fewer people like boardrooms and conference rooms, cleaning can be done twice a year. However, note that excessive cleaning can also make the carpet wear off, especially if cleaning is done improperly and leaving some residue from cleaning product used. So if you can see that your office carpet can look good for a long time even with many people walking on it, then once a month cleaning is not necessary. You can stick to the recommended carpet cleaning method, which is once a year.

Type of cleaning

One of the most effective ways of removing dirt from carpets is vacuuming. In order for it to be effective, the right vacuum should be used, and it should go slowly over the right directions. If there is heavy traffic, vacuuming should be done daily and once a week for less traffic. Removing dirt from carpet is one thing. Removing stain is another, and it’s a real challenge. Stains can reduce the usable life of a carpet, and it is quite an eyesore which can make managers decide to replace it sooner. So if you spot stains in your office carpet, you may need to call professional cleaners. There are office cleaning in sydney cbd that offers a different kind of carpet cleaning service. They can provide the type of cleaning you require for your office carpet and from that, you’ll be able to determine how often your carpet should be clean. These cleaning companies’ offers shampooing and deep cleaning. Deep cleaning and shampooing consume much time since water is used in the cleaning process. Since it’s a thorough process, cleaning maintenance is not required often. Different cleaning methods offer different results, so it’s always best to have someone check your carpet regularly to address any cleaning issue it needs immediately.

In order to preserve office carpets and make them last long, it’s a good idea if you make it a program to have professionals clean them at regular intervals. It’s like having regular vehicle maintenance. The idea is to invest a little to make sure that carpets stay in good shape to avoid spending more to restore it at a later time. This way, you’ll be able to keep your carpet look cleaner for long. By having this practice, you can potentially add more years to the usable life of your carpet.

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