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Buying new windows for your home comes with many options, some good, some not so good. It starts with your goals for replacement windows, and that should be what drives your selection. If you are on a budget, you may not buy windows that are filled with gas or have a Low-E coating on them or a glazed window. If the price is no object, you may have all the options included, but replacement windows all start in a frame, and that is where the rubber meets the road for replacement windows.

Replacement windows, get the right frames for a home upgrade

  • For many years, replacement windows, were constructed with aluminum. It was by far the best material available at the time and enjoyed a long run in the industry. Aluminum is lightweight, strong, and virtually maintenance-free. It was a long-time solution for replacement windows. The biggest problem with aluminum windows is the lack of insulation they provide. The metal conducts heat and cold that transfers into a home, driving energy bills higher than they should be. From an aesthetic point of view, many people believe that aluminum windows are unattractive, and they bring down the resale value of a home. Most replacement windows are upgrades to aluminum windows as their end of the life cycle is upon them.
  • Composite windows are a newer product that blends old materials with new materials that improve energy-efficiency. Made up of aluminum and wood or vinyl and wood, these replacement windows are resilient and have excellent insulation properties. They don’t require any maintenance and can be constructed to look like any window on the market. The drawback of this selection for replacement windows is cost. They are the highest-priced windows on the market, and you won’t recapture your investment when you sell your home.
  • Fibreglass has many uses, and replacement windows can be added to the list that fibreglass serves. They are the strongest windows available, and harder than vinyl. One of the great attributes of this replacement window is it doesn’t fade or crack like other synthetic products. The cost of fibreglass windows is higher than vinyl windows, but it offers excellent thermal protection if energy-efficiency is what you are looking for in a window.
  • The versatility and popularity of vinyl windows are what makes them the default choice for most homeowners. The cost of vinyl, and limited maintenance you have to perform is another selling feature that has taken the replacement windows industry by storm. When you purchase this type of window, you can have them insulated when they are made. That creates great energy-efficiency as a byproduct of your purchase. Vinyl can be manufactured in many different colours and styles to match your home’s décor, and it is the design aspects of these windows take them to the head of the class for replacement windows.
  • Wood window frames still have a great of popularity in the industry – they can be matched to any design and they look beautiful and feel strong. Wood is one of the great insulation products of our time and you will enjoy a reduction in energy costs when choosing this option. One thing with wood, it needs attention. Sealing and staining are the activities that keep them in good condition, and so, maintenance is a must with wood replacement windows.

Before you make any choices for your replacement windows, talk to a certified professional. They will take you through all the details and look at the applications for the replacement windows before they steer you in any direction. Replacement windows are something you may want to do just once in a generation, make the right decision before the project starts to get the maximum value of the product you select.

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