The Five Most Surprising Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Sparkle

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Cleaning the house is a chore and takes up precious time that we could be using to spend with our families and enjoy ourselves! Most of us get cleaning tips from our parents or grandparents, but there are interesting tips you can use to speed up your cleaning, so that you can spend more time having fun!

Clean oven racks in the bath.

This is a tip that bond cleaning Gold Coast uses when cleaning a house at the end of its lease. This is a critical thing that anyone who has rented will know, as you want the house looking clean for your landlord, so that you can get your bond back. One of the most challenging things to clean when deep-cleaning a house is the oven racks as they are often very dirty with grease and baked-on foodstuff, and are very large, making them difficult to soak in the sink. To combat this, try cleaning them in the bathtub. This is large enough so that you can soak the racks in hot water, making cleaning easier, and also make the actual scrubbing much more manageable.

Pick up the pieces.

It happens in our home more than we’d like to say – you’re being a bit overenthusiastic or simply a bit careless and a glass falls and shatters on the floor. You get all the big bits, but there always seems to be small shards that are difficult to pick up, or even see. Next time this happens to you, try grabbing a slice of bread and pressing it on the floor around where the glass shattered. You’ll find that the soft dough picks up the small shards you might otherwise miss.

Grooming gloves

Rubber gloves are something you should always have in your kitchen. They are great for doing the dishes in hot water, and are also perfect for getting some extra grip for hard-to-open jars. Did you also know that the rubber will also pick up bits of hair from pets that have molted? Just rub the glove over the surface, and watch the hair be attracted to your hand.

Get rid of that garlicky smell.

Garlic is a wonder when it comes to cooking, and more is often better than less. What isn’t so great is the smell on your hands after chopping a few cloves. It gets under your fingernails and seems to be impossible to wash out. A quick hack to get rid of the smell is to rub your hands on anything made of stainless steel. The smell will disappear straight away!

Blend away the dirt.

The worst part about using a blender? Cleaning it! The blades make it very awkward to clean and a bit dangerous, too. To save your fingers, try adding warm water to the blender with a little bit of soap and set it to blend for a few seconds. The blender will clean itself. All you have to do is to let it dry, and you’re done.

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