5 Signs That it is Worth It to Afford a Modular Home

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When you want to buy or build a home you may want to customize what you buy, but you may also want to move into it quickly. This seems to present a conundrum until you realize that you have options that include manufactured and modular homes.

Those terms describe two separate things that people often confuse. They sometimes believe that they refer to the same thing, but they don’t. The term manufactured home refers to a single, double, or triple-wide trailer home. These arrive at your home site complete, but in two or three sections if a double- or triple-wide. The term modular home refers to a traditional single-family home that builders construct from prefabricated modules, typically of a four by eight feet size, essentially, the stud-to-stud framing sections. So, why choose a modular home over a custom-built home? Here are five reasons.

  1. You can use modular building methods to construct a custom home. You do not have to use a specific floor plan, although you can choose from a multitude of existing designs. You can also have your builder customize an existing plan to change the patio/porch or tack on an extra bedroom. The sky’s the limit with this building method since it can also be used on multi-story homes. That three-story Victorian you have dreamed of owning can easily become yours, and you can move into it sooner than with other methods of building.
  2. Modular building provides you a finished home much more quickly than traditional building methods. Since all the framing comes to your site ready-made, your home goes up faster. According to New Home Source, a professional building crew can erect a site-built home in six months, while they can build a modular home in about four months. That gets you in front of your new fireplace sooner than if you built your traditional home using the site-built manner.
  3. The reasonableness of modular homes prices alone should tantalize you into using this building method. You can save 15 percent by using this building method. You do not need to shop around to obtain that savings. The figure simply reflects the savings the construction company experiences due to fewer costs and less downtime. All other aspects of the home remain the same. That means that the three-bedroom, two baths you really want that would cost you $200,000 normally would only cost you $170,000 building modularly. Modular homes also provide better energy-efficiency and lower monthly expenses than stick-built homes. They still appreciate just as stick built homes do though.
  4. A modular home often provides a better-quality build than a site-built home, also called a stick-built home. With a stick-built home, you must rely on the materials quality chosen by the builder. With a modular build, the manufacturer of the modules constructed them in a factory setting under a compliance setting. According to Home Guide, modular homes better withstand both floods and hurricanes than stick-built homes.
  5. Choosing a modular home provides you the opportunity to obtain your financing through the manufacturer. This opens a new alternative for you beyond local banks and credit unions. It can make it easier to fund your new home. Depending on your building situation, you might need to acquire a construction loan first, then have it rolled into a mortgage loan or pay off the construction loan and then obtain the mortgage loan.

Once you understand that modular homes are traditional homes that simply use modules, making them just like stick-builds, you open yourself to a new world of building. You can have the custom home of your dreams in less time by using this method plus it will cost you less, incur less monthly utility costs, and appreciate in value just as a stick-built home would.

If you already have land, you can readily begin construction once you choose a manufacturer, plan, and builder. Manufacturers include Palm Harbor Homes, Karsten, Schult, Golden West, and many others. Contact Homes Direct to get started on the process. We can help you find a builder near you that can create the home you desire in four months or less.


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