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Home Buying Company

How To Prepare A Home For Renting

Renting out your home isn’t easy. It takes careful planning, and you have to ensure that it’s in good shape to attract tenants easily. Preparing your home for renting won’t only allow you to get the best possible tenants; also, once you provide your property a makeover

Reasons to Sell Your Home to A Home Buying Company

People sell their homes for different reasons. Some sell their homes to move to a new town or city, while others have their personal reasons for selling their homes. Whichever your reason for selling your home, one thing is for sure- you want to get done with the sale process as fast as you can.
3705_ECR_ PaloAlto

Alta Housing Breaks Ground on City of Palo Alto’s Newest Affordable Apartment Community

PALO ALTO, Calif. - RealEstateRama - Alta Housing (formerly Palo Alto Housing), a nonprofit affordable housing developer, virtually celebrated the groundbreaking of Wilton Court, a new 100%...
Gate Intercom System

Rental Unit Upgrades That Landlords Should Consider

Everyone who has invested in rental property wants to be the kind of landlord that fixes things right away and is seen as a terrific manager. Landlords also want to see their property increase in value, and that means upgrading and improving
Property Investors Guide

Conveyancing 101: A Property Investor’s Guide

While homeowners often put a lot of care and effort into the interior of their home, making sure it fits their personal tastes and needs, the exterior doesn’t always get that same attention. The exterior can be an afterthought or even ignored all together, which leaves you with a disjointed look.
Modernize Your Home

How to Refresh and Modernize the Exterior of Your Home

While homeowners often put a lot of care and effort into the interior of their home, making sure it fits their personal tastes and needs, the exterior doesn’t always get that same attention. The exterior can be an afterthought or even ignored all together


Durango, CO - RealEstateRama - Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation (Rainbow), a nonprofit organization that provides service-enriched housing programs for residents of rental housing communities throughout...

Why Anyone Would Want to Live in Burnaby

Burnaby is among the largest cities in British Columbia, behind Surrey and Vancouver. The city has transformed over the previous years from its rural setup to an impressive urban center. Called after the pioneer Robert Burnaby, the town is culturally assorted, with its residents originating from Southeast Asia, China, Korea, and India.

6 Must-Have Features of the Best Luxury Villas to Invest In

With the huge available indoor and outdoor space, strategic location, numerous facilities, and better lifestyle it provides, a villa is the best property to own that meets your basic needs and more. When you buy a luxury villa in Dubai, you will have a home that can exceed your expectations.

The Future Of Commercial Real Estate

There are always boom-bust cycles for commercial real estate, but the black swan event that was thrown at the industry in 2020 has led to some severe hand-wringing. In October, it was reported that the non-residential construction building was flat and didn’t look that there was a promising future ahead. 

Steps You Need to Take to Find a Pet-Friendly Housing

Often the definition of a pet-friendly house may be a little unclear to most of us as it is not straightforward, and clear whether to bring your pet with you or not. In some of the ads, you may find the words 'Pet-Friendly or Dog-Friendly,' and you may rent such property. This means that the landlord is open to pets, however, you may also have to meet specific criteria

Signs You Have Too Much Debt to Buy a Home

A significant portion of the country is in deep debt, so much that you probably know at least one person struggling with more debt than they can handle. This could make your debt feel normal, or that person could be you.
Morris Lyles, Realtor

Columbia Realtor® Morris Lyles is South Carolina REALTORS® 2021 President

Morris Lyles, Realtor® at ERA Wilder Realty in Columbia is South Carolina REALTORS® (SCR) 2021 president. Morris was installed in a virtual awards ceremony at the association office in Columbia on December 15, 2020. His one-year term presiding
Smart plugs

Upgrading to a Smart Home? Here’s a List of IoT Devices You Should Have

The Covid 19 pandemic has significant effects on the economy and people's lifestyles. From job losses to the closure of most businesses, millions of people are now forced to stay at home. For the lucky few who still have their jobs

Tips For Finding A Home During COVID-19

Realistically speaking, moving can entail a fresh start wherein you can make new memories in your new location. However, along with your moving tasks, finding a home is one of the important things to do before your upcoming relocation. Unfortunately, things today aren’t the same as before.
Pros of Outsourcing

The Pros of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an agreement of work between a company and an outside service provider. More specifically, one company hires the services of another company, consultant, freelance, or agency to work on or manage a task or job.


It seems thrilling when you plan to take a two-month break from work and go live in the mountains to unwind and relax. But a minute into the plan, and you soon start dreading leaving your car all alone. Cars stay on top of their functionality

South Carolina REALTORS® Installs 2021 Leadership

Morris Lyles was installed as 2021 president of South Carolina REALTORS® (SCR) along with new members of the association's leadership team during a virtual ceremony at the SCR office in Columbia on December 15, 2020. Their terms will begin January 1, 2021.
Your First Mortgage

EPM’s Expert Tips for How to Boost Your Approval Chances for Your First Mortgage

Do you want to take the leap and buy your first home? Before you reach this milestone, you will need to get your mortgage application approved. Many first-time buyers find this intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

7 Reasons You Should Hire A Good Property Manager

Living in a community of neighbors is becoming more frequent due to the overcrowding of cities and urban centers. This, together with a large number of regulations, generate a large number of problems and conflicts, often difficult to resolve.

Business Real Estate Press Releases


George Slusser to head new M&A Advisory Division at WAV Group

George Slusser, one of the real estate industry’s most experienced and well-known valuation experts, will join WAV Group to head its new Mergers and Acquisition Advisory Division, real estate’s leading consulting and research firm announced
MLS Now Screenshot

Yes MLS becomes MLS Now

Recent Gov & Nonprofit Real Estate Press Releases

Appraisal Institute

Appraiser Diversity Workshop Scheduled

The Appraisal Institute is collaborating with the National Urban League and Fannie Mae to host a free virtual Appraiser Diversity Initiative workshop, "How to Become a Real Estate Appraiser," Saturday, Jan. 30, noon- 1:15 p.m. EST