6 Must-Have Features of the Best Luxury Villas to Invest In

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With the huge available indoor and outdoor space, strategic location, numerous facilities, and better lifestyle it provides, a villa is the best property to own that meets your basic needs and more.

When you buy a luxury villa in Dubai, you will have a home that can exceed your expectations.

But with the significant investment luxury villas require, you have to be a hundred percent certain that the one you purchase is everything that you are looking for. You can do this by creating a list of crucial features your new home should have and confirming the property has all of them.

Luxury Villa Checklist

Below are the six features you need to look for in the right luxury villa to buy in Dubai:

1. Excellent Location

If you want to live in a quiet, peaceful, less hectic and greener place, a neighbourhood located a bit far from the central business area, a villa is the perfect option for you.

However, buying a property in a far-off place should not only be your main consideration.

A great luxury villa should be located in a self-contained community where nearly everything you need or want is within reach. Grocery and convenience stores, pharmacies, restaurants, cafes, and petrol stations are some of the amenities that have to be in the neighbourhood.

It will be a big plus if the community has swimming pools, gyms, parks, gardens, and other sports courts or facilities. If you love playing golf and going to the beach, check if the villa is near a golf course or by the seashore.

If you are working and have children, make sure your workplace and some good-quality schools are within a reasonable distance as well. You should be able to reach them in minutes and have options for commuting in case your car breaks down.

2. Expansive Space

Luxury properties are distinguished by their ample space inside and out. In fact, real estate trends in Dubai during the global pandemic show a rising demand for more spacious homes, specifically villas with upgraded features.

Bedrooms should be spacious enough for all essential furniture pieces. They should have plenty of storage space, as well.

Also, the living room, dining area, kitchen, and bathrooms should never be cramped, even after arranging all the furniture and installing additional fixtures.

Make sure there is ample space on the four sides of the villa, too.

Aside from a provision for a parking area, your new home should have extra space for a lawn or an outdoor living area. This additional amenity can give you and your family more convenience and comfort.

3. Aesthetic and Functional Features

Aside from space, the best luxury villas have several modern features that always catch the eye or are handy, or sometimes, even both. Moreover, these fixtures should make living in your new home more comfortable and enjoyable.

These include plenty of windows to ensure all rooms are well-ventilated and get enough natural light. A centralised cooling and heating system is also crucial for high-end villas.

You should also find the lighting fixtures attractive and installed in the right places in the villa. If you are satisfied with them, you will avoid the need to change them. You will be able to save money and spend it on purchasing lamps and replacement bulbs.

Additionally, make sure the plumbing fixtures and fittings meet your style and preference. More importantly, check that they are made of high-quality material and give out the right amount of water pressure.

Conduct the same checks for the toilet fixtures and fittings as well.

If the villa is furnished, determine if the furniture pieces and appliances meet your needs and preferences, too.

4. The Developer’s Reputation

Whether you are buying a newly built or an under-construction villa, its quality will depend greatly on the builder.

Check the track record of the developer. Make sure they have a good history of delivering quality projects. Aside from researching about their past and current developments, take the time to visit some of them to see first-hand the completed properties or as they are being constructed.

Read reviews from people who bought or are living in the villas they purchased from the developer. These feedbacks should show that they are satisfied with everything they got from the property. Try to get some ideas on how well-maintained their homes are, too.

Choosing a reputable developer can go a long way in helping you invest in the right high-end villa in Dubai.

5. Potential Property Price Appreciation

Price appreciation refers to the increase in the value of real estate properties over a period of time. This is a key factor to consider if you are unsure if you will stay in Dubai permanently.

The villa’s price appreciation can give you an assurance that you will receive a positive return on the investment when you decide to sell it in the future.

The location of the villa is a crucial element that can make or break the villa’s market value.

The presence of other property market drivers, such as the arrival of a shopping mall, supermarket, schools, and other essential establishments, and its proximity to public transport facilities, can have a huge impact as well.

Lastly, villas constructed by well-known developers also have a higher chance of maintaining and increasing their market value. As such, don’t rule out the possibility of by purchasing a property from one.

6. The Price

Staying within a budget is always important when buying a luxury villa in Dubai. However, never fall for low prices because this type of luxury is defined by ultra-luxury features.

This means that its architecture and style are well-designed, materials are carefully chosen, and the construction is executed properly. Additionally, they have more space and high-end specifications, including fittings.

All these influence the prices of luxury villas.

When you buy a property, you get what you pay for. As such, if you want to have the perfect villa, be prepared to make a substantial investment. The good news is mortgage assistance and financing solutions to suit your specific requirements are available. You can check out your options via a mortgage loan calculator.

Creating a detailed checklist of features to look for a luxury villa for sale in Dubai and using it as you view a property can take you on the right investment path. More importantly, it will help you find the perfect home for your family.

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