9 Hacks for Real Estate Agents to Write Appealing Renting Descriptions

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The real estate market is the place where the huge struggle for customers appears. Innumerable offers and thousands of people willing to find a comfortable place to live in. How can you survive and succeed in this market whirl?

9 Hacks for Real Estate Agents

First of all, you are a real estate agent, not a writer, so it is okay if writing a description seems challenging for you. A good text is a linguistic issue; that’s why it is reasonable to turn to specialists on such platforms as Essaypro. As an essay writing service, it has a staff of wordsmiths that help not only students but everyone who needs writing support.

It’s not easy to write something that stands out. Whether you want to charge somebody with this task or create an excellent description on your own, it’s necessary to learn how to structure it correctly. Here are nine hacks for you as a real estate agent to write an appealing renting description.

1. Imagine your target audience.

It’s something you need to do before even writing the post. Examine the unit for rent and then Imagine your customer. Is it a student or a family? A new couple, or maybe they have kids? Identify their wishes, needs, and problems, take all these components into account. It will be easier for you to make the post more appealing.

2. Start with a beautiful picture.

It’s not a novel, so you don’t need to write too much]. Just a few lines to make a sketch of the life your customers will have in the place. Don’t forget to pay attention to the target audience! Is there a nice landscape? They will definitely enjoy seeing it every time they wake up. Are the rooms small? So, one will take delight in comfort and coziness.

3. Answer the questions in advance.

There will be questions about the property, indeed. Predict them and answer before they are asked. Some of them may be:

  • What is the neighborhood like?
  • How far is the house from the nearest bus stop or a grocery store?
  • What kind of beds are there?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • What are the permitted noise levels and house rules for parties?

A potential customer appreciates the full picture of the property. Provide him or her with as many irrefragable answers as possible in advance.

4. Answer honestly.

No place is perfect, such a description looks suspicious and questionable. Keep things honest and fair and mention if something is not allowed or included. However, don’t highlight it. You don’t have to mention everything bad about the house in the listing. Emphasize the advantages and set them on the top of your ad. But don’t hesitate to provide honest answers to questions about possible disadvantages.

5. Read other ads.

Search for other descriptions and learn what your rivals have. Don’t get these ads as an example, most of them are low-quality. You can rather see their mistakes and avoid them in your text. Moreover, you can find out what makes you better.

6. Define what makes you stand out.

After you have read tons of other renting descriptions, you’ll have an approximate image of what other real estate agents propose. Now, you can see what they don’t have, and you do. Make the benefit of it and accentuate it in your description.

7. Keep it short but informative.

Again, it’s not a novel. However, you should mention as many details as possible. Type of dwelling, square footage, the number and types of beds, baths, etc. These are the most requested things, so don’t forget to mention them in your description. Care about the layout, too.

8. Include recent upgrades.

If the place has been renovated, you have to highlight that. If not, benefit from special small things that may possibly seem common but will definitely make the tenant’s life more comfortable. Think about flooring (hardwood, concrete, laminate?), storage, large windows, laundry, dishwasher, energy efficiency, air conditioning, utilities, parking. The list goes on.

9. Photos.

Remember, it’s the most important part of your description. No matter how good the description is, one will skip it if there are no pictures. Here are quick tips for the photoshoot.

  • Care about the quality of pictures. The image resolution, the lightning, the angle – it all matters.
  • Upload the photos of the kitchen and baths, it’s usually the greatest interest for a customer.
  • Color is preferable.
  • Minimum of 10 pictures. The more the better. People love details. Moreover, they will rather trust the post with photos of different places and things.
  • Avoid mirrors: they distort the view and may make space look smaller.
  • Shoot in the natural light, preferably in the morning. The sun will bring more comfort, attracting the viewer’s attention.
  • Don’t hesitate to capture interesting views and beautiful landscapes.

Following these proven hacks, you will increase the quality of your description and attract more customers. Writing the renting description is a difficult and responsible task, but it is worth the effort. A good text will make even an unremarkable place attractive and appealing.

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