Dangers of Moisture in Your Basement

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Moisture can enter your basement through the pores in cement walls and floors. If you have foundation problems, water may also enter through cracks or broken pipes. Prevention of water in your basement remains the best tactic for protecting your home. Have foundation problems repaired quickly and waterproof the basement. Once moisture gets into your home, you may experience mold growth and structural damage. An uneven foundation can also lead to broken pipes, as well. Prevent moisture in your basement with quality waterproofing and landscape maintenance. 


Mold can grow quickly once it finds an optimal environment. You may notice a musty smell in your basement if you have mold. Once you have a large area of mold, you must have it removed safely. This can become an expensive repair. Mold can also ruin the surface it lives on, leaving you to replace parts of your home or your belongings. Work with a basement waterproofing and foundation repair company to protect your home from mold.

Air Quality

You may experience excessive humidity in your home when you have moisture in your basement. This can cause your air conditioning to work harder, raising your electric bill. Many people also have allergic or respiratory reactions to mold spores. Keep moisture out of your basement to maintain the comfort and health of your family. 

Structural Damage

When moisture stays in your home for a long time, it can cause damage to the structure of your home. Unbalanced moisture in the soil around your home can cause your foundation to shift. This can lead to cracks in the walls or floors. You may also notice doors or windows sticking when you open or close them.

Moisture can cause major damage to drywall and wood, as well. Rotting wood can cause instability of your home. This can become a dangerous situation. Sub floors, for example, may become spongy and sink when you attempt to walk on them. 

Foundation Problems and Leaks

When the foundation of your home moves, everything around it can change, as well. Water pipes in the walls and under the home can shift and break as your home moves. Broken pipes can cause both large and small leaks. You may not notice a small leak until you receive an unusually high water bill. Foundation problems get worse over time, making repairs more disruptive and expensive. If you see cracks or suspect a water leak, have an inspection immediately. 

Moisture can cause an unsafe and unhealthy home. With proper prevention and attention to details,  however, you can maintain the safety and value of your home. When you know how to detect a moisture problem, you can get a timely repair. A quick response helps protect your home from severe damage. Continued moisture in the home can cause mold, structural damage, and high utility bills. Take the time to have your home inspected if you suspect water damage. Work with a professional to get your basement waterproofed before damage can occur, as well. 

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