How To Be A Better Real Estate Agent

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Selling real estate is a tough job but can also be quite a rewarding career to embark on as well. It feels good when you can help people find their forever home and know they’re satisfied with your work.

If this is your calling, then know there are ways for how you can be even better at your job as you get more familiar with the role. It’s important to be proactive and willing to change your ways and approach a bit if you want to improve over time. What’s most important is that you’re passionate about your position and have the desire to want to assist other people in making a big life decision such as buying a house.

Educate Yourself

You can be a better real estate agent by obtaining the proper education and background for your position. If you have a busy schedule, then you might consider attending a Suffolk University Online program in business or finance from a school such as Suffolk University Online. Having the right type of credentials behind your name will allow you to build more credibility with clients and win more jobs.

In addition to schooling, you should also educate yourself on the neighborhoods and vicinities in which you’ll be selling homes. This way, you know what houses will be popping on the market and have information handy regarding the ones that are already available.

Communicate Clearly & Promptly

Improve as a real estate agent by getting in the habit of communicating with your clients clearly and promptly. This is a critical aspect if you want to be a better real estate agent and make sure your clients are satisfied with your work. It’s important to keep buyers updated on the progress of the transaction and to bring up and discuss any issues that may pop up along the way.

Make sure you’re available around the clock and provide your contact information, so people know how to get in touch with you. It’s all about timing when buying real estate, and if your buyers want to put in an offer right away, you have to be present to get the job done for them. The quicker you are, and the faster you move the better chance your buyers have at getting a property that they desire.

Be Personable

To be a good real estate agent, it’ll also entail you being personable and knowing how to work with people. Although you’re selling homes, you’re also selling your services and you’re going to need clients who want to work with you. Act professional in every interaction and put a smile on your face when meeting and interacting with your clients. Show you care by going the extra mile for them and putting forth your best effort at securing a home they want in their price range. Try to leave your emotions out of it and have a positive attitude so that your clients enjoy working with you.

Offer up Ideas & Solutions

Selling real estate can be tricky and messy at times, so be prepared for all different types of scenarios to arise. You can be a better agent by being proactive and offering up your ideas and solutions to problems you’re dealing with. Your clients will appreciate your efforts and you’ll be building trust in your relationship when you put forth an extra effort. Listen to what your clients are telling you and make adjustments or show them new and different properties based on their feedback and preferences. Remember that it’s not about what you want or think is best, but what’s best for your clients given their particular situation. Each buyer and seller is unique and you should be willing to adapt and flex to their needs based on the circumstances at hand.

Find A Mentor

You’ll be more likely to succeed as a real estate agent when you find a mentor who you can trust to show you the ropes and guide you to success. The more experience you have over the years the more confidence you’ll have in yourself and your abilities. In the meantime, secure a mentor who’s been in the business awhile and can assist you in ensuring you have a rewarding and gratifying career. Come prepared to ask them your questions and be willing to listen to what advice they have for you since they’ve likely made mistakes themselves in the past. Don’t be afraid to job shadow a real estate agent who you look up to and observe them in action with clients so you can take notes and follow in their footsteps.

Ask for Referrals & Reviews

You can more easily build a book of business for your real estate company when you have people who are willing to speak up and support you and your services. Be diligent about asking for referrals and collecting reviews and feedback. This will allow you to know what your strengths and weaknesses are which will, in turn, help you to be a better real estate agent. This is one business that’s all about who you know and the more satisfied customers you have the more easily it’ll be to grow your business and attract new clients and retain previous ones. If you notice someone is unhappy or displeased with your services then be willing to reach out and ask for reasons as to why they feel this way so you can make corrections going forward.


Real estate is a competitive landscape and business and being an agent isn’t always the easiest of jobs. Use these tips to help you become a better real estate agent so you can develop your business and secure more satisfied customers. Remember that it can be a tough industry to break into, but with the right attitude and approach, you’ll likely be able to build a promising career for yourself. Work hard and focus on persevering through the rough times so you can improve your abilities and become an even better agent in the future.

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