How to Deal with the Packaging Portion of Moving

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Moving is stressful, mostly because you never really appreciate the sheer volume of the things that you have until you try to pack it all up into neat little boxes. While the moving process is the perfect time to do a deep clean and de-clutter of what you own, you will likely still be faced with quite a collection of packages by the end of it.

The packing portion of a move is so daunting, however, that far too many people forget about the packaging portion of moving. Done right your packaging should not harm the environment, be strong and effective, and potentially even be able to get you your money back.

So when it comes time to pack up your home to move to a new beginning, remember the materials that get you there and follow this guide to make the most out of your move.

Why You Should Think About Your Package Strategy

Cardboard boxes can be picked up from your local grocery store for free in some cases. The issue here is that those boxes were not designed to house heavy objects, much less be lifted by a person. They are meant for forklifts and for machines.

That is why you need to really think about your package strategy. In many cases, the best place to go is to a professional company that specializes in these types of boxes. These boxes will be strong, sturdy, and actually effective at packing up your home.

Use Paper or Cloth to Wrap Delicates

For the sake of the environment, you should avoid using bubble wrap for your delicate items. Instead, try using paper tissue, specially designed honeycomb cardboard, or even cloth. This way you can get to point b from point a without causing a huge plastic waste following.

Get Baling Wire Before You Move

When choosing which box company you want to use consider choosing one that uses Baling Wire Direct so that you can effectively bind your cardboard boxes before and after your move. Baling Wire Direct offers top of the line baling wire, which in turn is used by packaging companies to bind materials together. This will make it far easier to manage in terms of storage while you are packing up your home and will be a godsend when it comes to flattening the boxes before sending them back to the recycling center.

Recycle To Earn a Bit of Extra Money

Once you are unpacked you should take your boxes to your local recycling center and see what they will pay you for them. You might even be able to give them back where they come from for a discount or at the very least for free. This way you can recoup the cost of buying those boxes in the first place.

Moving boxes are not the priority for many people when it comes to packing up their home. They are an afterthought. By creating a strategy for these boxes you can instead make the moving process easier and make money back at the end.

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