Smart Bedroom Design Do’s and Don’ts


Designing your bedroom is a challenging task, especially if you’re a new homeowner with little or no decorating experience. An array of awkward colors and furniture arrangements can take away from the comfortable atmosphere of your bedroom. To help you create a design bringing spark and warmth back into your bedroom, we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for designing your bedroom.

The centerpiece for designing your bedroom begins with your bed. So before you put the finishing touches on your unique bedroom design, be sure to consider tips on how to maximize your sleeping experience at Bedding Mart.

Dos and Don’ts of Bedroom Design

Do always follow your heart or your gut intuition for creating a space uniquely reflecting your personal preferences. Filling your bedroom with things you love is a sure way to create an ambiance that will greet you with a warm embrace when you enter the room.

Don’t just comb through design magazines and fill your bedroom with all the latest designs seen in the celebrity world. 

Do develop your own personal style, using the colors and placement of furniture in harmony with your comfort levels.

Don’t overdo it by decorating the entire room all at once. Gradually making design choices based on your daily activities in the bedroom will make the room look better while creating an atmosphere that you will truly love. It takes time to create a design that includes all the unique pieces that can personify your personal touch.

Do select colors and fabrics as a priority in designing your bedroom. Not only will your color selection set the tone for your vision, but it will also inspire an artful flavor to the room’s design.

Don’t paint your bedroom first. Painting should be your last recourse to complement other items that you gradually fill your room over time. Also, you don’t want to use too many varieties of patterns. This can create scenery that leaves the ambiance too busy.

Do design your bedroom so that it has your very own unique personal touch. Including family photographs, cherished heirlooms, and vintage antiques will make your bedroom both functional and livable. A creative rustic design may be just what the doctor prescribed for a good night of sleep. For more creative ideas, visit DesignBump.

Don’t just copy your friend or family member’s bedroom design. Put your own personal spin on the style you choose. Ideas online or in your favorite catalogs may be good for the person who created it, but is it your own personal touch?

Do include personal touch that incorporates the personality of whoever you will share the bedroom. Infusing the personalities of those who share your space will create an environment of ease and comfort.

Don’t get stuck in keeping up with the latest trends. By going with what you love, others will see the beauty in your design. Avoid the desire to spread the latest trends throughout your bedroom.

Don’t include furniture in your bedroom that hinders your sleep. Turning your bedroom into an office may not be a good idea if your aim is to create a cozy environment. The National Sleep Foundation recommends creating a sleep-friendly design for your bedroom.

Do use cozy fragrances in your design choice that will make for a more rejuvenating night sleep. Beautiful pottery vases filled with exotic oil fragrances can aid in healthy sleep routines.

Keys for Creating Your Bedroom for Good Sleep

Sleepless nights and coffee-filled days are often the result of sleeping problems. In addition to having a cozy bedroom design, it is very important to make getting good sleep your main priority. Here are some important keys to help you on your journey:

  • Make your bed every morning
  • Make your bedding comfortable
  • Use relaxing fragrances in your bedroom
  • Try meditative techniques before bedtime
  • Keep your bedroom environment quiet
  • Invest in good bedding accessories
  • Remove all reminders of work

A good night’s sleep is truly priceless, and you might as well do it in style by applying the tips we’ve highlighted.

Happy sleeping. 

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