Recent Property Trends in 2019

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2019 has been a good year for the property market, with many exciting innovations changing the way that houses are constructed now and in the new year. Additionally, issues such as climate change have led to significant changes within the sector, leaving the houses that are currently being built looking astonishingly different than they did in 2018, or will in 2020.

Read on as we look back at some of the home construction and property trends in what has been a packed year for home building.

Steel Garages

Traditional materials such as timber and brick have been used to build garages for many years. However, as homeowners start to consider improving the value of their property by building separate garages, there has been more attention given to using materials such as steel.

Steel garages have become popular in 2019 due to their low-cost nature, with the ability to self-build the home feature leaving labor costs low. At companies like, they are able to guide you in the use of residential steel for garages through their custom pricing schemes.

Not only this, but steel garages are much more durable than temporary materials such as tin, allowing homeowners to invest in structures that will be standing for years to come. In fact, there has also been a boom in the number of families considering steel as an optimum material for building the main living spaces on their properties, which may become a larger trend in 2020.


Along with steel garages, sunrooms have also become a popular addition to houses, and many of these are becoming popular when attached to new houses. These act like a conservatory, but are more sturdy due to their brick-based nature. This allows families to have a hybrid between a conservatory and an extension that suits all of their spatial needs.

Eco-Friendly Housing

With new concerns about climate change rising to a head, more families have started to look at environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional homes. Eco-friendly housing includes the use of natural materials such as timber and bamboo, and this has begun to start another, separate trend for natural-look materials of this type. Not only this, but many of these materials will be recycled, such as recycled concrete or steel.

Eco-friendly housing can also be created by efficient insulation and duct systems, with high-quality triple glazing to ensure that homes can become more energy efficient. Not only this, but homebuilders have also begun to rely on energy generating systems such as solar panels, which help to limit the number of fossil fuels a household uses through the harnessing of the sun’s energy in daylight hours.

DIY Homes

Not only this, but more people are starting to look at DIY ways to build and construct their homes. DIY homes allow the constructor to design their dream home and personalize the design as much as they are able to, allowing families to customize a home that suits all of their needs. Additionally, the cost of land is much cheaper than the cost of investing in a pre-built home, meaning that some families are able to save money by deciding to utilize their practical skills in creating their home from scratch and online guides.

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