3 Common Landscaping Mistakes that Can Cause Plumbing Disasters

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Landscaping Mistakes

Turning your useless and abandoned outer space into a landscape is the best idea to enhance the curb appeal of your house and add additional living space. Greenery, lighting, patio or an outer dining area, and swimming pool in your house give you the right reasons to throw summer BBQ parties, enjoy evening tea with the family, and movie nights with friends. So, if you are thinking of adding a landscape to your house, get ready to welcome some really fun times in your life.

But landscaping isn’t something you should do recklessly. You are going to spend a lot of money, so you can’t afford any mishandling. One of the biggest problems that can arise due to landscaping is plumbing issues. Any wrong move can crack, block, or break pipes. So, it is better to think of doing landscaping while securing your drainage and sewer system.

Here are given some landscaping issues you should avoid to save from plumbing disasters:

Grow Plants Away from Pipelines

A landscape without plants and trees is just like cooking food without adding spices. Plants not only beautify your house but also give a refreshing feeling when you spend time in outer space. But don’t grow plant trees thoughtlessly because they can destroy your underground pipelines.

If you know about science, then you know plants need water to grow. But what you don’t know is some plants have a huge root system, and their roots can spread in all directions to search for water. So, if you grow plants near a drainage system, their roots can grow around pipes to get seeping water that can crack pipes. Long story short, beautiful plants can become a bad dream for you by disrupting plumbing problems.

Here is what you should do to avoid this issue:

  • Call a plumbing company to check your drainage system and avoid growing trees near it.
  • Don’t grow plants with an extensive root system.

If you look out for luxury villas for sale in Dubai, you don’t need to worry about these problems because they are built while taking care of these factors. But you should be careful if you are planning to landscape here in Georgia.

Don’t Dig Carelessly

You know, adding a pool in your house requires deep digging. As exciting as it seems, it can result in sewer leaks if someone ends up hitting sewer pipes while digging. Sewer leaks are even more problematic than water pipeline leaks because they not only damage the house, but can also toxicate the air, causing many health-related problems and skin diseases. So, fully inspect your underground sewer lines before beginning any kind of deep digging.

Don’t Cover Access Points

The sewer cleanouts are not just dangling ends of your sewer system; they are the points from where you can maintain, clean, and inspect sewer lines. So, blocking them by throwing mud in them or building foundations above them can cover these access points. You might not find it important to consider, but you know their significance once you get in a situation to repair sewer lines as these access points are the easiest and cost-effective way to reach sewer problems. So, avoid building plants or anything else on these access points.

It’s great if you are thinking of embarking on the landscaping project, but be careful. Any reckless mistake can cost you a lot more than doing any good. So, take care of these common mistakes to enjoy the perks of landscaping without getting into a problem!

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