4 Great Digital Tools for House Hunters

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The age of technology has made house hunting much easier. You can use the many digital tools now available that make it possible for you to search for homes in the neighborhoods you prefer and compare their prices. Avoid the time and energy spent visiting individual properties to check for the ones you might want to purchase. By checking online sites, you can get a fair overview of the pros and cons before visiting in person. Here are some of the leading digital tools that house hunters are sure to find useful.

  1. Google Maps

It’s free, it’s basic, but it’s indispensable. Using Google Maps, you can digitally explore any location thanks to features like street views and walking directions. Satellite imagery makes it possible for you to look around the area and look at the house from different angles. Toggle the “More” button, and you’ll get listings of the homes available in the neighborhood. The Menu panel allows you to narrow down your search according to your needs. The tool lets you sort houses by price ranges, total square footage, and the number of bedrooms and baths. You’ll also get instant information about proximity to amenities like shopping, parks, schools, dining, restaurants, and more.

  1. Connecting with Local Realtors

Combine digital abilities with local knowledge for the best path to successful home buying. While Google Maps can give you an overview of the best options available, the next step is to connect with an experienced Eugene, Oregon, realtor. A realtor’s website will give you a sampling of the houses being sold in the area. Once you’ve looked around, you can get in touch with a real person to ask more detailed questions about anything that’s caught your eye. 

  1. Calculating Your Mortgage

If you’re thinking of investing in a house, one of the first steps involves calculating the mortgage, the estimated interest rates, and the amortization period. Crunching numbers on paper can get confusing with the possibility of errors. Instead, try using online mortgage calculators, one of the best digital tools for house hunters. You can break down the cost of the house into charts that clearly indicate the monthly installments you’ll pay with a variety of different lending options. There will be no surprises, a calculator can quote the exact amount of principal and interest included in each payment.

  1. Getting Documents Notarized

Investing in a house involves a significant amount of money. You’ll want to ensure that all the paperwork is authenticated and legal. Getting remote notarization speeds up the process since all the entities involved in the deal need not be present in the same room at a given time. The e-notary inspects the papers and verifies the identities of the signatories on the documents. They also ensure there is no fraud or coercion and create a legal record of the title changes from the seller to the buyer. Once the process is complete, the official affixes the seal and signs the papers. 

Purchasing real estate has become much more efficient thanks to the availability of the different digital tools now available. Moving into a new home and closing the sale are a lot easier and less stressful. 

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