4 Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Home

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Finding a new home is overwhelming, with many things to think about and many questions to be asking. When you are viewing a new property, there will be so much to take in that you usually might forget to ask important questions and later wish you had done so.

Below are some prompts for you to take with you to your next viewing.

What is the Neighborhood Like?

Finding the perfect home is one thing, but what if your perfect home is nestled between two sets of problematic neighbors? It might not be the case that a seller will openly tell you that they dislike the neighbors on the street, especially if they are trying to sell, but asking the question prompts a discussion which you need to have.

Even if it’s asking for a casual description of who neighbors are – a family of 8, for example, or single female – you can usually make a decision yourself on whether that’s ideal for you. A large family next door might come with noise issues when you might be looking for relative peace.

How Long Has the Property Been on the Market?

A house may seem perfect at face value, but you may begin to wonder why it hasn’t already sold if it’s so faultless. There may be underlining reasons why a property isn’t selling or why it has been on the market for a significant amount of time.


  • Whether the property is overpriced
  • Whether the seller might be stubborn and unwilling to negotiate
  • Is it a bad neighborhood?
  • Are there structural problems you can’t see?

If you feel a little out of your depths with these sorts of evaluations, it’s okay to consult with an expert – which will always be available throughout the process anyway. Real estate professionals such as Kheng Ly have a lifetime experience in the market.

What Exactly is Included in the Sale Price?

Some sellers might be willing to leave behind certain furniture items which they don’t need to take to their new homes. This could be kitchen appliances, a couch or outdoor furniture. Or it may be the case that the seller hasn’t thought about leaving certain items behind, but if you prompt them with the question, you may be able to negotiate to have some items included – which saves you money and time from having to buy them yourself.

It’s always worth a try.

How Much are the Monthly Utilities?

This is an area you couldn’t possibly know during a viewing without asking the question. It’s crucial to get a rough idea how much bills are going to be in that particular property, as you don’t want to move in and discover that they’re actually extortionate.

If you’ve already done your research on general costs for that sort of property in a specific area, then you will know that something is off if the seller tells you a higher amount. Could heating bills be higher because of structural problems with the property? Ensure you ask.

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