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Even as many industries and markets struggle with the COVID 19 pandemic impacts, it doesn’t mean that businesses have stopped. With various technologies in place and people adopting virtual means of facilitating things, business is still ongoing as economies recover from the pandemic’s major economic blows. Talking of the real estate industry, people are still buying and selling property keeping real estate agents on their toes as they follow up on leads and property listings.

Being a real estate agent is a highly lucrative profession, but only if you are organized and proactive. Otherwise, you will lose yourself while juggling the many tasks such as attending meetings with your clients, document processing, following up on potential customer leads, marketing your brand, etc. With all that, it is easy to miss out on actual sales as you try to fit all that into your schedule. However, if you are a go-getter and like to seize new opportunities, utilizing software that enhances your work’s planning, efficiency, and convenience can be a great way to boost your efforts, save time, and thrive more in your profession. Here are the apps you can use to ensure you never miss any opportunity and increase your productivity.


Many real estate agents will agree that they have lost track of a conversation with a potential client at one time, which cost them a significant sale. As a real estate agent, it is demanding to keep tabs on your clients, be it, buyers or sellers, to provide them with the best services.

Contactually is a useful app that helps real estate agents track their client’s conversations by syncing them over multiple devices. Designed explicitly for real estate agents and brokers, using Contactually can be an effective way to ensure you never lose any contact or conversation with any client. That way, it is easy to check with current ones and old ones, maintaining a loyal client base.

Use a VPN

As a real estate agent, many are the times you will meet your clients in public places such as cafes, restaurants, and areas with public WiFi. You will require to use the internet in one way, and using public WiFi is a cost-effective way to do that. However, most public WiFi is mostly unsecured and could expose your online activities to cybercriminals who could use it to spy on your private information.

It is essential to invest in an encryption tool to mitigate such risks since the real estate business involves vital documents and data that require as much privacy as possible. Protect data privacy using a VPN that secures your online traffic against cybercriminals. A VPN creates a secure private channel to transmit your data, protecting it from unauthorized access and protect you from cyberspies, snoopy, or even a malicious network operator who could be after your private information such as passwords.


Sometimes you may be in the field, showing your client a house, and the need to send them a document to fill in their details comes up. However, you may not have a blank one. That means you have to send the copy once you get back to the office, which will require you more time and inconvenience to your client. But, worry not because, CamScanner is an app that enables you to scan documents for editing, annotation, or sending out.

That means you can use your phone and internet to send out important documents such as contracts, lease agreements, closing forms, appraisal forms, etc., quickly and conveniently. Plus, it eliminates the need to keep creating new copies every time you need one.


In real estate, there are many activities you have to keep up with, for instance, attending client meetings, showing your clients’ houses, office work, etc. That way, you need to accurately plan your time to make the most us of it. Otherwise, you may get yourself missing out on some potential clients or spending unnecessary time in one activity at the cost of other work.

Hubstaff is an app that comes in to help you keep track of your time in all the activities you undertake. You can track GPS location and hours spend, and if you are working with virtual assistants or employees, it enables you to pay the hours worked. That way, you can review your activities, examine what areas are slowing you down, and establish the right measures to rectify that. Hubstaff enables you and your team to improve your business operations through proper time management.


There are many legal documents and paperwork involved in the real estate business. Dealing with manual paperwork and searching through stacks of file papers for a single form can be tedious. That is where Dotloop comes in. The app provides you with a digital platform for storing and accessing all your contracts and documents. A centralized digital platform means your documents will be safe, easily accessible, and cannot be lost.

The final words

It is rewarding to digitize your real estate activities using the apps mentioned above. In addition to that, it is only fair that you invest in a valuable encryption tool to cater to your cybersecurity and protect your legal and personal data as a real estate agent.

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