6 Smart Ways to Save On Aircon Servicing

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In Singapore, an aircon in your home is essential thanks to the tropical climate. Whether it’s your home, shop, office, the aircon must function optimally to bring comfort. As you keep on using the aircon, it’s likely to develop issues – the air vents may be clogged up, the overall efficiency of the aircon may fall, and more. It is, therefore, important to service your aircon regularly. However, you need to work out a strategy for this. Or, you’re likely to end spending huge amounts on aircon servicing.There are diverse things you need to take care of as for your aircon. This will help save not only on monthly energy bills but the aircon servicing expense that you otherwise need to bear from time to time.

Here are six smart ways to save on aircon servicing in Singapore.

1. Take care of air filters

The air filters in an air conditioner play a crucial role in maintaining the cool in the home as well as the quality of the air. The air filters protect the aircon from damage that may happen because of the clogging by dirt.When the air filter is clean, it can bring out optimal functionality. If the filter is not cleaned properly or replaced, the aircon cannot work well. A clogged up aircon will lead to more consumption of energy and therefore, you will get heavier energy bills.

It’s better to check the filter each month. As you keep on using the aircon, the filters may be clogged up. Ensure you replace the filter once in not more than three months. This will reduce the cost and frequency of servicing the aircon

2. Take care of the coils

The evaporation coils and the aircon outdoor condenser coil are the parts that emit the cool. They gather dirt over time. This is likely to obstruct the flow of air. So, the coils do not absorb the heat that is needed to cool the room. For best results, clean the coils once a year. Make sure to buy new coils when summer sets in.

3. Keep the condensate drains clean

Over time, the condensate drains get choked by dirt. These leads fall in the efficiency of the cooling system and the equipment will have to work at greater strain. When the condensate drains are clean, they can optimally regulate the humidity in the room.

Clean the condensate drains using a pipe cleaner. You can also use a taut wire. Cleaning will help reduce service expense.

4. Keep the fins intact

The aluminum fins in the aircon become bent over time and this may obstruct the flow of air through the cooling coils. Check the coils and keep on straightening them so that the air is cool.

Further, once you make the aluminum fins straight, ensure to clean them well. A sensible tip is to get rid of the debris outdoors.

5. Check window seal

When the aircon is functioning, it’s important that the cool should not go out via the window if there is one. Check the seal between the window frame and the aircon including the metal unit – it should firmly close the space.

If the seal is not in good condition, replace it immediately.

If the seal is not well, your aircon will have to work at excess strain, which may necessitate servicing equipment soon.

6. Don’t postpone repairs

It is important to undertake to service your aircon even when it is functioning properly. The best thing is to get the servicing team into action following a prolonged usage. This will help prevent repeated needs to call the servicing in short intervals.

When your aircon malfunctions, contact the aircon servicing agency without delay. This will prevent the problem from worsening. In such a case, you will have to pay for multiple repairs and replacements, which may cost you heavily over time.


Aircon servicing may cost you heavily unless you take the minimum care. The tips discussed here will help you such that they will bring down the servicing expense. They will not out servicing. As you keep on using the equipment, it will have the issue the parts become too old. Further, it will also help prevent permanent damage to the equipment in which case you will have to buy a new aircon. The tips will be helpful to save considerably on aircon surviving. The tips are simple and easy. The question is how regularly you execute them.

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