7 Pots and Pans Storage Ideas to Organize Your Kitchenware

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Lack of organization is a productivity killer in the office but that also goes for in the kitchen. If you’re trying to whip up a delicious recipe but you can’t find your pots and pans quickly — you’ve got a problem.

Looking for pots and pans storage ideas is a good start but you may find that you need to get some supplies before you can get started. Continue reading this article to learn ways to get your pots and pans in order so you can get your meal prepared without pots and pans falling on your head or toes.

Must-Know Pots and Pans Storage Ideas

Your cabinets are a good place to keep your pots and pans but not if you don’t have an organization system in place. You could even have nice cabinets like Jarlin Cabinetry but still have a kitchen that looks like a mess.

These ideas will help.

  1. Overhead Hanging Storage

If you find that all of your cabinet space is taken up with other cookware, you can use the space over your island to hang your pots and pans. Hanging pots and pans not only look neat but it also makes use of space that otherwise wouldn’t have been useful.

If you’re going to hang your pots and pans over your island, you need to make sure you keep your pots and pans looking new or they will drag down the look of your entire kitchen. On the other hand, well polished and beautiful pots and pans can really make your kitchen sparkle and shine.

  1. Use Magnets for Knife Storage

Where are the knives when you want them? Hiding away in a drawer where they’re going to cut you when you reach in to grab them?

That’s no fun.

Use a magnetic knife strip and put your knives on the wall where you can easily see them. If you need a knife, you don’t have to go digging for it because it’s right there next to your counter.

  1. Under Island Hanging

Many times, the space under the island doesn’t have shelves so you think it’s a loss but that’s not the case. Get a few hanging hooks and put them under your island and you can make use of that space and keep your pots and pans out of the way.

  1. Build a Hanging Rack

Hanging racks don’t have to be expensive. As a matter of fact, you can build a hanging rack out of reclaimed wood if you want to.

Another cool idea is building the hanging rack out of wood with some historical significance to either you or someone famous in your state. Having a conversation piece is always fun and you will be able to tell your guests a cool story.

  1. Deep Drawers

Deep drawers are a popular option when you store pots and pans. When you store pots and pans in deep drawers, you can keep them out of the way and they won’t be up high or on the edge of shelves where it is easy for the pots and pans to fall on your toes.

Deep drawers can usually store all of the pots and pans that you need depending on how big your family is and how much you want to cook. When you’re deciding on this storage type, make sure you have enough deep drawers to fit all of your pots and pans or figure out where you’re going to put the extras that don’t fit.

  1. Open Cabinet Shelves

If you’re not afraid of pans and pots falling off on your toes and you want to show off your cookware then open cabinet shelves may be perfect for you. Open cabinet shelves make it easy for you to get to your cookware and it makes it easy for you to see where what you need is.

Open cabinets can be very pretty if the wood is done properly. You’ll have to determine the style you want for your kitchen because open cabinet shelves aren’t for every kitchen style.

  1. Corner Cabinets

Wondering what to do with that pesky corner space? Corner cabinets are the perfect place to put your pots and pans. You can put in a wire rack or a lazy susan if you want to make it easier for you to get to your pots and pans.

Taking Organization to the Next Step

If you have a big kitchen and you have people over a lot, it might serve you well to create a kitchen map. A kitchen map is when you put the location of the most important things in your kitchen on one interior cabinet door.

Instead of everyone wondering where they can access your pots, pans, plates, cups and other important pieces of cookware and drinkware, they can refer to the kitchen map and go right to the things they need.

Alphabetizing and labeling your spices and other things in your cabinets is another way that you can take your organization to the next step. If you take care of your cabinets — they will take care of you.

Become an Organization Master

Now that you have all of these pots and pans storage ideas, you can start working on organizing your kitchen.

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