Americas Watchdog Simplifies The Mortgage Process With A Free How To Guide To Finance Or Refinance A Home Loan


Americas Watchdog along with its Homeowner Consumer Center have just come up with a free and easy to understand guide, designed to help every homeowner with the mortgage process. The group has taken this step because the mortgage process in very complicated for even the most sophisticated consumer. The guide combines helpful and easy to understand mortgage advice, with a thorough explanation of important mortgage documents. This free mortgage guide also covers homeowners or individuals seeking information about mortgages with a do’s and dont’s listing of suggestions on how to protect themselves from being cheated or over charged, when obtaining a mortgage or a home refinance.

(PRWEB) December 3, 2007 — Americas Watchdog is one of the premier consumers groups in the United States. After years of assisting homeowners with mortgage problems and mortgage document inspections, Americas Watchdog has come up with a very unique guide related to getting a mortgage, or a home loan refinance. This mortgage guide includes easy to understand mortgage advice, and how not to get over charged or cheated when obtaining a mortgage. The information was compiled through Americas Watchdog’s National Mortgage Complaint Center and it’s Homeowners Consumers Center. The free mortgage advice guide reflects years of first hand experience dealing with consumer issues related to the mortgage process. Americas Watchdog estimates that 8 out of 10 US homeowners were cheated, or over charged when obtaining financing, or when refinancing a home loan. It is hoped the the Homeowners Consumer Center’s free mortgage guide will be very useful information for all US homeowners.

 According to Americas Watchdog, “there is no such thing as an easy to understand mortgage guide that will help educate homeowners or mortgage borrowers about the do’s and don’ts of home lending, along with an explanation of some of the most important mortgage forms all consumers are exposed to”. Americas Watchdog felt the 20 page information packet is critical information for any consumer wishing to finance or refinance a home. To insure the widest distribution; the 20 page document is free. The “Free Mortgage Advice Guide” document can be viewed or downloaded at the Homeowners Consumer Center’s “Resource Page”. The Homeowners Consumer Center’s web site is located at Http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com The Homeowners Consumer Center is believed to be one of the best homeowners consumer web sites in the United States. The Homeowners Consumer Center is loaded with a wealth of useful information for homeowners including helpful hints related to home appraisals, finding the right real estate agent, what a homeowner needs to know about homeowners insurance, and much more.

If a homeowner or a consumer is about to refinance a home loan, they are welcome to visit the National Mortgage Center at Http://NationalMortgageComplaintCenter.Com . The National Mortgage Complaint Center is best known nationally for inspecting mortgage documents for consumers to make certain they are not being over charged or cheated prior to closing on the loan.

Americas Watchdog is the leading activists related to homeowner issues in the US. Americas Watchdog is all about consumer protection and corporate fair play.

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