Budget-Friendly Balcony Floor Covering Ideas for Smart Homeowners

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Is your balcony floor in dire need of an upgrade?

Maybe it already looks weathered so you need to cover it up. Or perhaps you simply became bored with it so you want to give it a fresh look.

Whatever the case is, here are some ideas for balcony floor covering ideas that won’t break the bank:

Wood Decking

If you want something that’s easy to install, you can buy composite wood deck tiles for your balcony cover.

Perfect for any balcony size, these deck tiles can be easily latched together to cover as much space as you want. These interlocking deck tiles also give a rustic, cozy feel that’ll make any guest feel right at home.

It will also be raised slightly off the balcony flooring, which means you can preserve the actual outdoor flooring beneath it. Deck tiles certainly come in handy when you are renting an apartment and you don’t want to cause trouble for your landlord.

Artificial Grass

Who says you can only use fake grass on your lawn or backyard? You can definitely use it for your balcony as well!

This is the perfect choice if you have pets, as you can designate ‘potty patches’ for your pets to do their business. These are easy to clean by rinsing them off with water and draining it off the side of your balcony.

Just make sure that you install the artificial grass off the ground. This will prevent your balcony from getting wet and compromising the floor material.

Ceramic Tiles

If you want a luxurious looking outdoor floor, you can go for porcelain or ceramic tiles. Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re also a major bargain compared to real stone or wood.

These floor tiles are also easy to clean and maintain with an occasional sweep and mop. Just be careful of getting them wet because they can be extremely slippery.

Porcelain floor tiles may not also be as durable as other options because they can get damaged when constantly exposed to harsh elements in an outdoor patio.

Outdoor Rug or Carpet

Carpets give off a homey vibe, so you can spruce up your balcony with such to make it a perfect place to hang out!

Unlike thick bedroom carpets, outdoor carpets are short, low pile carpets that you can use for balconies and covered patios. These usually come in carpet tiles with self-adhering backing to make it easy for you to install them.

Although they require more upkeep to keep them in good shape, carpet squares are resistant to mold and mildew, making them perfect for your balcony or any other outdoor space.

Carpet tiles also come in various styles and designs, so you can mix and match them to your liking.

Rubber Flooring

If you’re looking for a versatile outdoor flooring option, rubber flooring is your best bet.

Its durability ensures that it will last for a long time, even if you do heavy-duty activities on your balcony.  It’s also slip-resistant and shock-absorbent, so you don’t have to worry about children and guests slipping on your veranda.

You have various rubber flooring options to choose from, such as rubber pavers, rubber tiles or rolls, and rubber playground flooring.

Rubber pavers can mimic the look of concrete, stone, and brick, so they work well for aesthetic purposes. Rubber rolls are often found in gyms, making them super safe for any physical activities.

And if you have kids who are playing on your deck, rubber playground flooring may be a good option to consider.


If you want a new look for your balcony made of concrete, you can give it a beautiful finish by painting over it. Many concrete tiles can now be painted or stained to add color. You may even stencil it for intricate designs.

Paint can imitate the appearance of stone and other natural materials. You can even provide texture by stamping to give the concrete an embossed finish or etching and engraving to add texture.

It’s also cheaper compared to tiles and decking. Just make sure that you’re buying paint for outdoor use.


Want to give your veranda a classic look? Brick flooring should do the trick.

Being durable and slip-resistant, you won’t have any problem with outdoor foot traffic in the long run. It can even last for a long time, making your initial investment worth it, although it’s a bit costly upfront.

And the best thing about brick flooring is its timelessness. It never goes out of style, no matter what era. You don’t even need to maintain it that much!

It’s best to consider brick flooring only if you’re living in an area with hot weather conditions. It can retain water in the long run, giving rise to some mold issues in the future.

Plastic Drainage Tiles

Worried about moisture seeping into your balcony flooring? Fret not, because plastic drainage or patio tiles are designed to eliminate those problems!

These patio tiles are resistant to mold and mildew, which is great because balcony tiles are exposed to various elements and harsh weather.

They have a vented surface that lets water drain under the tile, so you won’t find any puddles on your balcony after the rain. Patio tiles are also designed to prevent slippage even when wet.

And you also don’t have to worry about sunlight making the colors of your tiles fade because plastic patio tiles are UV stable.

Choosing Your Balcony Flooring

When it comes to selecting your balcony floor covering, make sure that you put safety as your utmost priority.

For instance, tiles are safer because they’re bonded to the base of your balcony, while carpets and interlocking tiles may be more likely to move. If you really want the latter, you can reduce your risk for falls and slips by looking for textured variants.

Other factors you need to take into account are stability, slip resistance, aesthetics, and cost.

If you’re planning to use heavy outdoor flooring like tiles or concrete, make sure that you consult a structural engineer or architect first. After all, too much weight on your balcony flooring can affect the structural integrity of your balcony, increasing your chances of getting seriously injured or damaging your property.

With this wide variety of budget-friendly balcony floor ideas, you’re sure to find the outdoor space flooring that best fits your needs, preferences, and bank account.

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