Buying vacant land in Ontario, Canada


Buying a land is a strenuous process involving a lot of decisions and research into various factors which affect the price of a land. Foresight is of great importance when determining the future value of the property and the potential development and expansion that it can support. Buying property is an investment and must be treated as such, professionals must be hired and every nook and cranny of the land and of the law that governs it must be looked into, for any minor details that may get overlooked, could become huge problems later on.

Vacant land is quite possibly the investment of a lifetime for you as you’re finally looking to settle down and build your own home. Building from scratch on a vacant piece of land, can be a much more affordable option than buying pre built, or those factory made or DIY houses and provide you with much greater decision making ability with regards to how you want your house to look like, the schematics and every other detail from water supply to electricity. It gives your house a personal touch, the feeling that you made the house was made brick by brick, a sense of possession that can’t be rivalled. Vacant Property may also be a business opportunity for you, correctly predicting the growth in the market and then reselling it a few years down the line or may be opening a business and ensuring that the operation costs are kept at the minimum possible limit.

While looking for Ontario Land for Sale certain points must be kept in mind.

  1. Approval – The vacant land you’re buying must be approved by a govt. body and the municipality. Every county in Ontario has different laws governing real estate and construction and every by-law must be looked into for a thorough adherence to building restrictions of the area. The core lesson being, find out everything there is about constructing a house or a building in the county that you’re buying the vacant land in, for there may be a different set of rules for homes that are built than the rules applicable on commercial buildings.
  2. Finance– If you are not a Canadian citizen buying land in Canada is not that simple, though easier than buying property in other developed countries. Technicalities of finance must be completed carefully and the transparency of the system makes it practical to get a loan or even raise a mortgage.
  3. Soil Testing– Before buying Land for Sale in Ontario, test the soil and the underground water, if available, that you’ll be tapping into. The quality of the soil is an essential factor when constructing a building and water supply must be ensured to make it a viable place to open a business or to build a home. The surrounding area, the neighbourhood or if you’ve bought a land in middle of nowhere for a chance at a peaceful life, knowledge about the environment you’d be living in will go a long way in planning your house.
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