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Christmas decors

The beauty of our city lies in its details, it takes an eye to enjoy Venice, its islands, and their history. Walking through the “calli”, trying the delicious Venetian “cicchetti”, visiting the lesser-known places, taking a gondola ride, and breathing in the lagoon air are just some of the must-do activities. A more attractive and lovely atmosphere is generated when the city is decked out in wonderful decorations and overflowing with traditional garments, for Carnival, Christmas, and even Halloween.

It is an honor to work with the Glass Masters, all-round artists, who are not only inspired by the landscape in which they live, from the venetian canals to the vivid colors of Burano, but also by the well-known festivals held in Venice. Their skills enable the creation of magnificent collectors’ pieces, home decoration items, creative, luxury, traditional but also innovative pieces. Working techniques have been handed down for centuries now, which is why seeing these artists at work is like seeing a piece of history that ironically never gets old. They work the glass as their ancestors did, and every single piece that is produced is never identical to the previous one, as these are handmade works. This peculiarity, due to the blown-glass workmanship, makes the finished product even more precious and renowned. Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that our products are recognized thanks to the tamper-proof seal displaying ‘Vetro Artistico® Murano’ Trademark with the producer’s number, making these works safe to purchase, avoiding worthless and priceless imitations.

Christmas decors

At YourMurano you can enjoy the various works of art, one by one, and find what is right for you. A special section on the site is dedicated to celebrations, go check out our Christmas decors. These products are made to make you feel at home, to pamper you, to soothe you with their Christmas colors and details. We offer a wide variety of unique and inimitable decoration pieces. They can embellish your Christmas tree, become the main characters of your nativity scene and decorate your Christmas tables. Also excellent for gifts to friends and family, carefully packed and shipped in our professional packaging.

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