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Irvine, Calif., July 18, 2018 – (RealEstateRama) — Creel Information Technology, Inc (CREELliT), Inc., a leading digital marketing platform solutions provider, today announced the launch of a new platform for enterprise real estate brokers and franchises, Amarki.


The name Amarki comes from a derivation of the company’s product features that incorporate automated marketing with artificial intelligence. Automated marketing systems are generally triggered around property events. The artificial intelligence component connects existing applications and dynamically pulls data onto an agent’s desktop. Using that data, Amarki crafts marketing materials for email and social media campaigns on behalf of the agent in a matter of minutes. “When an agent gets a new listing, their flyers, Just Listed postcards, social media posts, virtual tours, and other marketing materials are prepared by Amarki in real-time and sent to the agent for review and distribution on multiple devices such as cell phones, tablets or conventional PC’s,” says Wayne Creel, Co-Founder and President of CREELiT.

Amarki also empowers real estate brokerages and franchises to effectively manage brand integrity with 100% control of a firm’s templates. In the competitive landscape for automated marketing platforms today, marketing departments develop templates and send them to the technology provider to code into their system. This process will take a few days on the good side, or a few weeks on the outside. Sometimes requiring lots of back and forth communication with the developer to get the templates right. Amarki changes all of that by enabling marketers to upload Adobe InDesign files right into the system and make it as easy as uploading any other document.

With Amarki, a designer can upload the Adobe InDesign file directly into the marketing system. Once loaded, the designer can tag the design with data elements pulled directly from the MLS listing. For example, a primary image goes here; agent headshot goes here, price goes here, etc. “If you have ever tagged a document in DocuSign, you understand this concept,” says Creel. “But our best innovation comes from the tools we make available to the agent.” For the first time, agents can swap out photos, scale and crop and automatically render photos, manage fonts and make other custom changes within a company’s brand guidelines though the Amarki online editor.

An emerging real estate franchise partnered with Creel IT a number of years ago to have them develop the best marketing platform for their agents with full eCommerce support, launching Amarki into the real estate industry. Today the solution fuels the marketing efforts for more than 16,000 of their agents. Using Amarki, the franchise has loaded nearly 1000 templates providing agents with design flexibility while preserving their brand integrity.


As part of CREELiT’s ongoing commitment to remain a leader in the sector it launched a new application this week on the Amarki platform. The new integration is Photographer Management: this application gives the agent the ability to order photography, video, or drone footage online, and allows the photographer to load the photos directly into the system while retaining all of the firms branding and adhering to copyright compliance.

CREELiT, Inc. is transforming industries highly dependent upon digital asset management through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning two concepts that are becoming essential as more and more marketing applications move to the proverbial Cloud. Currently there are over 6000 cloud-based applications and growing monthly, yet according to Wayne Creel President and CTO none of those applications communicate with each other, – they remain stove piped which creates longer design and delivery times for most marketing automation departments and agents. This not only creates bottle necks but time to market is compromised affecting an agent’s ability to effectively market homes for their clients. CREELiT integrates existing applications and dynamically pulls data allowing companies to deliver rich media content, globally in real-time. The recent launch of CREELiT’s Amarki platform is revolutionizing automated marketing systems for real estate brokers and franchises while enabling brand control for real estate’s most trusted companies. CREELiT’s expertise and dedication of integrating applications through APIs ensure delivery of cutting-edge marketing tools empowering customers to meet goals faster. Learn more at

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