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George Slusser and Victor Lund ‘write the new book’ on real estate brokerage mergers & acquisitions

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Arroyo Grande, Calif. – August 2, 2023 – RealEstateRama – Acquiring More Profit is appropriately named, as the primary objective of any merger or acquisition is to increase a real estate brokerage firm’s profitability and overall value. However, the authors believe (and show by example in this book) that successful acquisitions are more than merely financial transactions. They must solve a problem or provide an opportunity and the outcome must be beneficial to both the seller and the buyer on many levels, including the market perception, their future roles, family, agents, and staff.

Today, there are more than 106,000 licensed real estate brokerages in America yet 58 percent of brokerage owners do not have an exit or acquisition plan. Even less know the market value of their brokerage.

The answers can be found in a new book — Acquiring More Profit: The Definitive Guide to Successful Real Estate Brokerage Mergers & Acquisition — by renowned industry M&A expert George Slusser, who has closed more than 700 real estate acquisitions, and Victor Lund, real estate’s top consultant to leading brokerages, franchises, and brokerage-related networking organizations. This book dives deeply into the process and provides a playbook that allows brokers to create and execute action plans for successfully buying and selling a real estate brokerage.

George and Victor - Authors
Caption of attached photo: Authors George Slussse, Head of M&A Advisory, WAV Group and Victor Lund, Managing Partner, WAV Group.

The new book is a follow up to Slusser’s best-selling real estate M&A book, Acquiring Profit: The Win/Win System to Real Estate Mergers and Acquisitions, published in 1995, the first book dedicated to real estate M&A.

“For years, WAV Group provided brokerage clients with M&A information from the man who wrote the book about it,” Lund said, noting that in addition to orchestrating hundreds of real estate mergers, Slusser also generated thousands of valuations for broker-owners. “Real Estate firms’ operations of all sizes are significantly more complex today. SaaS systems, data licenses, transaction management, affiliate services, and other elements of a successful acquisition need to be considered for the transition to work. The investment in those systems and connectivity of those systems play a major role in the value of a firm today.”

Some 240 pages in length with nine chapters, Acquiring More Profit is being hailed in advance reviews as the “Definitive Guide” for real estate M&As. Moreover, Slusser and Lund are offering an exhaustive supplemental guide, complete with worksheets that allow brokers to contemplate and formulate the value of their company, or a firm they would like to acquire.

Top industry veteran and leader Gino Blefari, CEO, HomeServices of America, Inc., and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, said the book is for “anyone contemplating buying or even selling a real estate company.” Industry innovator and broker-owner Pat Shea, President & CEO of Lyon Real Estate, said, “Finally, a comprehensive, evergreen, and incredibly easy-to-digest blueprint of M&A success in the residential real estate space.”

A 100-plus-page supplemental book to Acquiring More Profit, the Acquiring Profit Implementation System, is available directly from the authors at The supplement is robust: packed with what the authors describe as “many valuable time- and money-saving tools,” including sample prospecting approaches, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), Letter of Intent (LOI), contracts, transition plans, and samples of all the checklists mentioned in the main book.

The new book is available in hardcover, soft cover, and digital starting at $40 and can be purchased online directly at or from all major online booksellers.

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