Does Kitchen Remodeling in Kansas City Increase Home Value? (Insider’s Guide)

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Does Kitchen Remodeling in Kansas City Increase Home Value

The kitchen is often considered the “heart” of the home. When it is expertly designed, it has the potential to elevate the overall look and feel of a property, not only in terms of its appearance but also in terms of the functions it provides. And when it isn’t, it can give an entire house an out-of-date and inefficient vibe, which can be a major obstacle if you consider selling your property even while you live in it. 

When it comes to making renovations to their homes, many homeowners focus first on the kitchen. This is because the kitchen plays such an important role. When contemplating kitchen remodeling in Kansas City, most homeowners have several issues running through their heads, one of which is whether or not the return on investment from a kitchen remodeling is sufficient to warrant the costs involved and whether it will increase their home value.

The Concept of a “Joy Score”

We sometimes consider the value of a home improvement project in terms of dollars and cents; nevertheless, you cannot put a price tag on the happiness that the homeowner will gain from having a more aesthetically beautiful and practical room. And given that the joy score of a kitchen renovation is a solid 10, and given that it is worth every penny, cent, and time to hire a professional for your kitchen remodeling in Kansas city, hiring a professional is the best choice.

From the above point, we can agree that renovating a kitchen extends beyond merely an increase in the asking price of a house; rather, there are many other advantages.

Does Remodeling the Kitchen Raise the Value of the Home?

Yes. Remodeling your kitchen can add ten to fifteen percent to the value of your home. In the same way that bathrooms may give you a complete return on investment, kitchens can too. The general rule is to maintain a budget that falls between 10 and 20% of the value of your property. In addition, it possesses the following benefits that make an investment in kitchen remodeling in Kansas City worthwhile.

Increases Your Home Resale Value

When considering renovating your kitchen, it is important to remember how much money you may expect to get back from the project, even if you do not plan on selling your house shortly. Even very small renovations have the potential to generate a return on investment of 50%.

Homebuyers will be more interested in homes that have kitchens that can are modern and well designed. If you renovate your kitchen in such a way that it can meet these demands, then it will be easier for you to sell your home in the future at your asking price.

Reduces Energy Consumption 

old electronic appliances are replaced, and new circuits are installed when remodeling a kitchen; this lowers your overall energy costs, and you should switch to more energy-efficient electronic devices. Switching to LED lighting, which has a very low power requirement, is one option to consider while remodeling your kitchen. You may use less energy in your home by updating the electric appliances inside.

Improvements Made to Both Comfort and Safety

Your kitchen will become much more functional and user-friendly just by adding a kitchen island. As a result, you must speak with experts to plan your kitchen renovation. Seek professional advice on the best remodeling option to improve the working environment in the kitchen so that those who are there to do their duties feel safe and comfortable. 

What Renovations to the Kitchen Add a Significant Amount of Value?

Not all kitchen renovations add the same amount of value to the home; therefore, knowing which aspects of the kitchen to remodel to get the most bang for your buck will help you avoid spending money that isn’t essential.

Replace the Tops of Your Counters

The countertops in your kitchen serve as the room’s center point and have the potential to draw attention in either a positive or negative way, depending on how they are designed. As a result, investing some money in updating your countertops might yield a significant return on investment. Look into materials such as laminate and Formica that have a lower price point but can still provide a sleek and contemporary appearance. These materials appear and feel a lot more expensive than they did in the past due to modern production procedures; as a result, they are an excellent option for revitalizing an outdated kitchen.

Replacement of Old Appliances 

Buyers will have a much simpler time visualizing themselves making their changes to a kitchen if the fundamentals, such as new appliances, are already present in the space. Although it will still cost you a respectable amount, focusing most of your kitchen makeover budget on appliances, such as a new refrigerator, updated range, or double oven, will boost the space’s functionality while also being one of the quickest upgrades you can make. As well as this, home appliances are frequently put on sale, which means that if you time your buy correctly, you should be able to obtain a fantastic offer.

Replacement of Old Light Fixtures with New Ones

Any area, including the kitchen, can benefit from having conspicuous features such as light fixtures. A show-stopping fixture, or at least a clean and contemporary one, will create a positive first impression since it will grab the eye and establish the tone for the appearance and feel of the rest of the area. Suppose you aren’t sure where to start. In that case, it’s worth bringing in an electrician to tell you what’s possible or to rewire existing electrical work so you can add a different type of fixture. For instance, you could replace an old flush mount light with a more stylish pendant light. If you aren’t sure where to start, bringing in an electrician is worth it.

Change to a New  Kitchen Sink

Changing out your old kitchen sink with a brand new one is another home improvement that offers a better return on investment than you might anticipate for the money spent. Because homeowners spend a significant amount of time at the kitchen sink, they quickly notice if it is missing in either style or functionality. 


The simple fact is that investing in kitchen remodeling in Kansas City is unquestionably money well spent because it will raise the value of your property and improve the usability of your cooking space. Completing the job will also result in a high joy score for you. If the idea of having a kitchen where you enjoy spending time appeals to you, you should get in touch with a remodeling expert as soon as possible.

HomeAdvisor reports that the typical cost of remodeling a kitchen ranges between $13,387 and $38,341 per project.


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