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Study Will Create a Blueprint for Enhancing the Capacity, Sustainability and Resiliency of New York’s Port Infrastructure Funding Provided Through the State Environmental Protection Fund

WASHINGTON, D.C. – RealEstateRama – In celebration of World Oceans Week, the New York Department of State today announced the availability of funding through a Request for Proposals for a study to “green” and improve the State’s many maritime ports. The primary purpose of this study is to create a blueprint for “greening,” or enhancing the capacity, sustainability and resiliency, of New York State’s port infrastructure.

“New York State is proud of its maritime economy and heritage and understands the critical role they play in our coastal communities,” said New York Secretary of State Walter T. Mosley. “This new and innovative initiative represents an ongoing commitment to strengthening our maritime sector as it adapts to a changing climate, while also further propelling our State forward as a leader in maritime trade, economic development, sustainability and resiliency.”

Request for Proposals to “Green” New York’s Ports
The Maritime and Ports Asset Inventory and Needs Assessment (Port Study) will identify opportunities and investments to “green” the state’s ports and highlight the critical role that the maritime sector plays in New York’s economy, particularly for the State’s many coastal communities.

New York’s ports as a whole stand at the forefront of climate resiliency and sustainable infrastructure planning. While the State plans for its transportation networks and is actively supporting growth of ports for offshore wind, most climate and resiliency-related planning takes place at the individual port level. The Port Study will build upon that work by identifying and coordinating system-wide benefits, challenges and opportunities that all ports can access and implement collectively. The information will also help support broader State and federal planning and programs focused on transportation networks, resiliency and economic development.

Specific focus areas include:

  • Creating an asset inventory database that catalogues key infrastructure assets;
  • Developing an economic assessment of ports and the maritime sector’s effect on local and regional economies; and
  • Creating a needs assessment that identifies funding and prioritizes implementation actions and investment across the sector, with an emphasis on ‘greening’, climate resiliency and decarbonization strategies.

The Department of State invites qualified firms with expertise in port and maritime planning, economic analysis and modeling, project identification and implementation and other relevant fields to submit proposals for conducting the Study. The RFP is available on the Department of State websiteApplications are due by August 7, 2024.

DOS Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve
In further celebration of World Oceans Week, the Department of State has launched the development of an Action Plan for the preservation, restoration and management of Long Island’s South Shore Estuary Reserve (SSER). The SSER is one of the most rich and diverse ecosystems in the State, helping enhance Long Island’s ability to adapt to a changing climate and supporting its vibrant tourism and recreation economy.

The Action Plan, which will be developed in partnership with the US Geological Service, will identify the highest impact strategies and projects to implement the SSER’s Comprehensive Management Plan and further achieve the goals of the SSER program.

Virtual Reality for Climate-Adaptive Community Engagement in Shoreline Communities
The Department of State was also just awarded funds from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to develop and apply a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR) system for inclusive community engagement that advances climate adaptive planning. The VR system will begin by focusing on shoreline communities in Long Island Island’s South Shore Estuary Reserve, with an emphasis on engagement with communities identified as disadvantaged and historically marginalized.

The Ocean & Great Lakes and SSER Programs are administered by the Department of State and funded through the State’s Environmental Protection Fund.

About the Office of Planning, Development, and Community Infrastructure
The Department of State’s Office of Planning, Development and Community Infrastructure offers opportunities to help bolster New York’s communities and vulnerable citizens. These opportunities range from Downtown Revitalization Initiative, Environmental Protection Fund and Local Waterfront Revitalization Program. The Department also offers the Brownfield Opportunity Area program for communities interested in redeveloping brownfields and manages the Smart Growth Community Planning Program, among other programs.


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