Expert-Approved Home Security Tips for First-Time Homeowners


One of the most important aspects you need to consider when buying your first ever Las Vegas home is your property’s level of security. The days are now more dangerous than before, and evildoers would know if there is a new owner that has recently moved into a certain property. So let’s take a look at some expert-approved tips that will help increase security in your property.

First-Time Homeowners

1.    Pre-assessment is vital – ensuring the security of your home begins even before you buy the house. You need to assess the security situation of the property before you close the deal. Typically, communities that have single-family homes tend to have much lower crime rates compared to neighborhoods that have lots of properties for rent.

2.    Give it a test drive – after buying the house, you need to go around the neighborhood and see how people conduct their business in the community. Go for a short ride around the neighborhood and get a feel of how it is going around the community. Talk to some homeowners especially your neighbors if you can.

3.    Do your homework – don’t forget to do your homework by researching the neighborhood’s crime rates. Put more focus statistics involving violent crimes and property-involved crimes. Find out if there are any watch programs that are in place in the community.

4.    Get to know your neighbors – during times of crisis, it is your neighbors who are often the first ones to respond to your call for help. Meet your neighbors and get to know them better. Break the ice by bringing a small gift like some pastries. From there, ask them relevant questions in relation to the neighborhood’s security. Don’t forget to ask for their contact details. If they belong to a watch program, ask them how you can help their initiatives in keep the community safe.

5.    Conduct a security audit – lastly, you need to perform a security audit on your home. Start by inspecting all the entry and exit points in your property. Check all the locks and test if they are all in excellent working condition. If the locks are already starting to malfunction or if they are already outdated, don’t hesitate to replace them with new and sturdy ones.

You may want to invest in electronic door locks where you can input key codes that are personalized. These locks will also enable you to track whoever is going in and out of your house. Additionally, don’t forget to check on the locks on your windows and read doors. Burglars often times use these as their entry points. If you are in the market for Las Vegas real estate contact Pivot Modern today.

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