3 Secrets to Holding a Painless Open House


Selling a house can be tough, especially if you have grown attached to it. If you are looking to sell your house, you will likely host an open house. Thus, you need to prepare accordingly for that big day.

Open House

Here are three secrets that will help you host an open house with less stress.

Be emotionally ready
First and foremost, you need to prepare yourself emotionally before hosting an open house. This means you need to embrace the change that comes with the impending loss of your house.

If you have been living in your house for over two decades, then you decide to sell it abruptly for one reason or another, expect the home selling process to be a painful roller coaster ride. Hence, try to think things over and prepare your emotions first before pulling the trigger.

The next secret is depersonalizing the house. This means preparing your home accordingly by taking away your personal stuff. These things include your family photos, personal decorations, and other stuff that you have a personal attachment to.

Keep in mind that home buyers do not want to feel that they are going inside someone else’s home. They want to be able to visualize the place as if they’re already living in it. If you can, try to move out of your house for a few days while preparing for the open house. Doing so will help you detach your emotions leading to the open house and a possible sale.

Safety matters
Lastly, you need to mind the safety and security of your items. Let’s face it, not everyone who visits an open house have the intention of buying a house. Some are opportunists who are looking for small things to steal. Hence, you need to keep stock of all of your items and secure the ones that are expensive, especially the small items that can easily be stolen.

Keep your watches and jewelry out of sight. Store them inside your safe together with your money. Keep in mind that some guests may peep into every drawer that you have, so you better keep those valuables hidden before the open house.

Generally, open houses still matter to this very day. It is still one of the most effective ways of showcasing your property. It is still one of the best options if you want to attract more prospective buyers at the same time.

Preparing for an open house can be tricky. It can sometimes be a chore. But if you plan accordingly and if you prepare early, you will be able to pull off an open house in a seamless manner. In the market for Kauai homes for sale or other Kauai real estate, contact a trusted real estate agent today.

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