Home Improvements You Should Make Before You Sell Your House

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Though it can seem counter-intuitive to make big fixes to your home that you want to sell, there are some very sound reasons in the strategy. By investing in home improvements before you sell, you can reduce the risk buyers try to knock down the price beyond the base cost of renovations. For the sake of the final buy price, you are going to want to make these changes before you put your property on the market:

Structural Fixes

The first place to focus on is structural fixes. Structural fixes are where your money is going to go, but again you will likely be able to get a better deal on the repair than you will if the buyer lowers their asking price to accommodate for the renovations they will need to do.

This doesn’t apply to the floor plan. Instead, it applies to:

· Roof Replacement

Roof replacements are probably the biggest reasons why a buyer will be able to successfully negotiate down your asking price. If it’s been more than 10 years since your roof was last replaced, then they have a good basis for asking you. The amount they take down, however, is often far higher than the cost to fix the roof yourself. If you hire the top roofers St Louis to handle your residential roofing needs, you may be able to boost your asking price and avoid buyers negotiating down your home’s value.

· Cracks

You will need to bring in an inspector beforehand to test and determine whether cracks are cosmetic or signs of serious foundational issues. If they are just cosmetic, quickly fix them with some plaster and new paint. Even if their inspector tells them a crack means nothing, potential buyers can use that to try to negotiate down the price.

· Leaks

Replacing the roof should take care of any roof leaks, but that isn’t the only place you should look. Bring in a plumber to tighten any leaking or sub-par sinks so that potential buyers don’t turn on your tap and think there is a big job hiding behind your walls.

Cosmetic Fixes

Sprucing up your home before the open house is an excellent way to get it sold quickly, and also how you can encourage bidding wars and get people to pay you above your asking price. Some ideas to get started including:

· Repaint

Repaint your home, especially the exterior. If the exterior does not have paint, power wash it. These small changes will make it look fresh and new.

· Curb Appeal

Clean it up, add some flowers, and generally try to make it as inviting as possible. You can sell people on your home from the moment they drive up to it with the right curb appeal.

· New Fixtures

Finally, have a look at the fixtures. If you want an easy way to make your home feel richer and more luxurious, update the fixtures like the doorknobs or lights. This is a very quick and effective way to update the look of your home.

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