How Much Does Home Design Affect the Property Valuation?

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Today, interior designs have proven to be salient selling points to potential buyers.  According to a source from The Spaces architectural layouts have recently increased sale prices by up to 12% and above. Any investment on unique home spaces is likely to attract good returns.

The reason why a prime property commands superior premium rates is because of the cozy space it provides. Both single high end individuals and simple family set-ups are looking to make a statement from their living spaces. This is why interior designers have become instrumental in building plans and renovations.

How then do you turn your home from bland outlooks to attractive luxury pieces? Here are a few pointers to guide you:

  1.       Seek the Opinion of Value Experts

Certified value experts are a key ingredient when it comes to estimating the value of your property. A good example is, an independent company which gives professional advice regarding properties of different kinds ranging from commercial assets, residential, to specialized structures. Its workforce is trained in drawing value reports based on the property layout, design, area of location and current market trends. At the least these form a baseline of how much industrial property should be worth.  value experts give you sound professional advice on how to upgrade your property to attract a decent value. 

  1.    Quality Furnishing

Make use of high-end furniture and equipment. Homes fitted with quality fixtures make strong selling points in comparison to traditional outlooks.  Go for sophisticated seats, floors, roof tiles, wall designs that give a smooth finish.

  1.    Enhanced Spatial Drama

The idea is to create an illusion of wider spaces with the layout. High ceilings especially work well to dramatize this. They further open up the interior creating voluminous environments that have a calming effect. Decluttering equally works well to achieve an open living space. According to an interior design website, The Foxtons you can relieve congested rooms by use of sizeable drawers for more storage space.

  1.    Natural lighting

Lighting is crucial. Larger window frames allow in sufficient sun rays. This effect can further be enhanced with numerous glass mirrors which also act as classic décor. As demonstrated by The Callender Howorth Interior and architectural designs lighting sets a serene ambience all across.

  1.    Relate Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

Following the recent market trends, home designs are taking to an outdoor look from the inside. Increased interaction with exterior scenes and settings fetches better prices in the property market.  Add an outdoor touch to your home if you are seeking to attract the top buyers.

  1.    Modern Kitchen Designs

Generally, the kitchen is one of the most important areas. Prime properties are moving away from enclosed cooking settings to an open blueprint. According to Mark Lawler Architects too many walls work to your disadvantage by alienating the dining and sitting spaces.

Have a layout that merges all the three together. If anything homeowners want to have a sense of community within their areas of residence.

  1.    Luxurious bathrooms

Spa bathrooms boost sale values because of: A master bath provision with an en suite extension, Designer tap ware, sanitary fittings and large tabs and also sparkling tiles along with exquisite doors

Just like the kitchen, keep the open bathroom space open. Do not limit on the glass appliances either.


When potential buyers are viewing your property, they are also looking to spend less money on revamps. Ensure to invest in beneficial upgrades that will significantly cut down on extreme costs. One way to go about this is by repainting. It not gives your property a fresh appeal but a competitive edge.

The above guidelines paired with complementary advice from luxury designers should have a huge impact on your property value.  Remember to work with independent service providers, rather than sale agents for a truthful property appraisal report.

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