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Do you know that you can get a free boiler or government boiler grant? Yes, you can! All you need to do is to check if you are qualified for the free boiler or government boiler grant. If you need a replacement for your old boiler or to replace your spoilt boiler, then apply for a free boiler or government boiler grant. The grant can help you save some extra cash off the budget of purchasing a new boiler.

Generally, boiler grants, eco-schemes, rental schemes are a great way to save from your budget. However, the government boiler grant is not open to everyone. If you get qualified for it in the long run, you need to choose the best option for the grant. Check the grant options and select the best this one that suits you the best. Choose the boiler scheme that will suit your household perfectly. To guide your selection, you may also check out some expert boiler reviews.

Government boiler grants for free and subsidized boilers

Energy Companies Obligation (ECO)

The government’s Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme allows some homeowners and private tenants to acquire new boilers to replace their old or damaged boilers at free cost or highly subsidized price. The scheme was established as a way to help reduce the carbon footprint of low-income households and to reduce fuel poverty. The government boiler grant may help these families to install a new boiler or help them improve the insulation of the one they have.

You may qualify for the government boiler grant if you meet some conditions and your boiler is over eight years old of usage. You may also qualify for the government boiler grant if you have low-income and receive social support.

The government boiler grant has limited funding and stringent method of qualification, especially for the benefits-related criteria. The government boiler grants scheme projects that you must be receiving at least one of its eligible benefits like pension credit, child tax credit, or income support, etc. Another criterion for the government boiler grant scheme is that your annual household income shouldn`t be more than £20,000. Also, you must be a homeowner or private tenant that has received a landlord’s permit.

The scheme is established to ensure that big energy companies assist these low-income families to fulfill the government’s carbon emission obligation. Some of the big energy companies within the scheme are:

  • EDF Energy;
  • British Gas;
  • Shell Energy;
  • Npower;
  • Co-operative Energy;
  • Scottish Power;
  • Eon;
  • Utility;
  • Ovo;
  • Utilita;
  • SSE.

If any of these energy companies is your boiler supplier, you will be contacted if you qualify for the grant. If you are eligible but haven’t been contacted, you may still go-ahead to apply for the government boiler grants under the ECO scheme.

Affordable Warmth Obligation

The Affordable Warmth Obligation was a replacement for the Warm Front and under the ECO scheme. The grant supports you with the replacement of a new boiler, fixing of your boiler, or other energy-saving assistances. They may also help you get some heating system upgrades.

Again, you must receive certain benefits to be eligible for the grant. You must be a homeowner or a private tenant with a landlord’s permit. You may also qualify for the grant if you reside in a social residence, but the grant may only cover the insulation or new heating for a first-time installation. Check your Energy Performance Certificate to find out what is your home energy rating -E, F, or G.

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