How to Make Your Home Disability-Friendly Before You Sell

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Getting your home ready for resale is a huge undertaking. However, it can become even more overwhelming if you want to make it disability-friendly. Creating a space that accommodates everyone may seem tricky, but it is possible. All you need is a plan. Below are ways to make your disability-friendly and get it ready to sell.

Add Ramps

While stairs can be dangerous for even able-bodied people, they may be impossible for a handicapped person to navigate. You should install ramps outside to make it easier to enter and leave your home. There are many different kinds of ramps to choose from, so look for one that suits your home and makes it more accessible. This is one of the top things to look for when buying a house as a disabled person so simply adding a ramp can make your house stand out from the others on the market in a significant way.

Install an Elevator

If your home is two-stories, you can opt for installing an elevator. Having wheelchair-friendly elevators for the home can boost resale value. Installing one also opens the door for a diverse group of buyers and makes your home safer for those with disabilities as well, reducing the risk of falls occurring.

Lower the Counters

In most homes, the countertops are too high for someone using a wheelchair. They may struggle to place things on them and run the risk of injuries, especially in the kitchen. If your kitchen is large enough, create a designated area where the countertops are just a little bit lower to accommodate people who aren’t able to stand. There are plenty of stylish options on the market, so this renovation won’t look out of place.

Replace Carpeting

Carpeting is another possible hazard, not to mention eyesore, for some. Not only is it hard to keep clean, but it can make using an assisted mobility device difficult. Replace carpet with hardwood flooring or tile.

Smart Devices

You should also invest in answer devices to boost resale value and make it disability friendly. Locks, lights, and even appliances can be programmed to turn on and off with simple voice commands.

Update the Bathroom

Every potential homebuyer love looking at bathroom renovations. Outside the kitchen, the bathroom upgrades are the second most popular renovations people want in a new home. In addition to installing new fixtures, you should also upgrade your toilet. Look for models that offer ease of access with self-rising and closing lids. If you’re marketing your home exclusively to those who are handicapped, you can install a safety frame around the toilet as well.

Automatic Doors

If you really want to go all out, you can install automatic doors as well. Even if it’s only in part of your home, automatic doors make it easier to get in and out without having to fumble with the doorknob.

Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space should be warm and welcoming for everyone. If you have a large lawn, you could create a path that is wheelchair accessible. If you have sliding doors, you could also consider widening them as well. You focus should be on creating a space everyone can enjoy without having to struggle to get there.


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