Incredible Places to Visit in Sharjah When Social Distancing Ends

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The cradle of human civilization, the Middle East is home to architectural, historical and cultural wonders. In the UAE, Sharjah is home to a unique blend of these attractions, and when the threat of COVD-19 nears its end, Sharjah will be here with open doors for you to explore them.


Sharjah Art Museum

The economic and real estate boom in Sharjah has paved the way for residents to both live and work among some of the most interesting places to visit. Among these is the Sharjah Art Museum. This art museum is home to the art of Abdul Qader Al Rais, the UAE’s most recognized artist, and features artwork from artists in and around the Gulf, as well as other international regions.

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation

The Middle East is recognized by a global audience as the cradle of human civilization, home to the earliest advances in cultural identity, arithmetic, science, and philosophical development. These advancements led to the birth of Islamic identity and are celebrated in the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization. Within this museum are priceless artifacts dating back centuries including a Holy Qur’an manuscript dating back to the Ottoman Empire.

Sharjah Archeological Museum

This museum contains Sharjah’s earliest archaeological artifacts displaying the history of its ancient inhabitants from the stone age until the rise of Islam.

Fun Attractions

Sharjah Aquarium

Located in the old Al Khan District, the Sharjah Aquarium is a unique destination for families. It features wondrous underwater tunnel viewing stations and houses almost 100 species of aquatic animal life, including reef sharks, tropical fish, and moray eels! You’ll find the aquarium located adjacent to the Sharjah Maritime Museum near the tip of the Al Khan micro peninsula.

Al Montazah Parks

When you’re ready for some fun and adventure, Al Montazah Parks is ready to greet you to either of their two engaging theme parks. Island of Legends is a world of enchantments, with shows and attractions that transport you back in time with fun characters and sights. Pearls Kingdom is where you want to be for a magical family experience. This water park features slides and rides for the whole family including Sea of Treasures and The Great Oasis.

Sharjah Desert Park

If you think you know the Sharjah desert, you’ve seen nothing yet. An attraction that will keep you busy all day, the Sharjah Desert Park houses incredible animal life native to the area; children can visit the Children’s Farm to pet and feed docile animals as well. Within the park is also a botanical garden, natural history center, and more.

Madar at Aljada

Recently launched, Madar at Aljada is a one-stop entertainment center for the whole family. In keeping with Aljada’s tradition of always bringing residents and visitors something new to discover in Sharjah, Madar features an amphitheater and a playground for children. And, coming soon, Madar will include a drive-in theater, perfect for post-COVID-19 social distancing practices. No matter the time of year, who is coming, or what you’re in the mood to do, Madar at Aljada has something for everyone.


  • After a day of excursions, settle down in The Café, a fine dining experience serving French cuisine.
  • The Arabic Restaurant at Al Bait Sharjahis a taste of the Middle East with contemporary Arabic cuisine. This restaurant is located in the heart of Sharjah.
  • Arjwanrestaurant features a variety of gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian menu items. Be sure to try their “Signature Biryani Rice” and or their lamb stew.
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