Lois Lee Greer offers Las Vegas Luxury Short Sales


Las Vegas, NV – September 1, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — Many Nevada homeowners have tried loan modification; however, loan modifications just don’t work. Remember that until you have equity in your house, all you are doing is renting. That’s correct! You are renting from the bank! There is no reason to pay off $300,000 in debt when the home you bought is now worth $150,000 or less. Most experts predict that it will take 10-20 years or more for the Las Vegas housing market to rebound. It makes rational sense to walk away and get a fresh start. Surrendering a home worth half of what you owe is not a failure, it’s a business decision. Why would anyone want to modify a loan and wait twenty years (or more) to have equity? For the few who actually qualify for loan modification, they become “renters for life.” Too many people refuse to recog nize a mistake, and then they compound the mistake over and over by spending their entire life savings, 401(k)’s, retirement savings, and even borrow money from family to avoid accepting the reality of the situation.

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