Mayor Bowser Announces Record $167.6 Million Investment in Affordable Housing, Breaks Ground on Delta Towers for Seniors


Investments in 25 Projects Across the District Will Generate 1,600 Affordable Units, Supporting 3,600 Residents

(WASHINGTON, DC) – (RealEstateRama) — Mayor Bowser celebrated a record annual investment in affordable housing—in fiscal year 2018, the Bowser Administration was able to commit $167.6 million from the Housing Production Trust Fund (HPTF) to projects that will create or preserve affordable housing for Washingtonians. This historic achievement was announced at the groundbreaking of Delta Towers, a 100 percent affordable community in Ward 5. For three straight years, Mayor Bowser has exceeded her annual commitment of $100 million to the HPTF, the Administration’s portal to produce and preserve affordable housing in the District of Columbia.

Mayor Muriel Bowser
Mayor Muriel Bowser

“I promised Washingtonians that we would do more with our Housing Production Trust Fund and every year I have challenged my team to do better than the year before—to get more money out the door and into our community. And we have delivered,” said Mayor Bowser. “We will continue to use every tool in our toolkit to create and preserve affordable housing across all eight wards, build more pathways to the middle class, and find new ways to keep DC affordable for Washingtonians of all ages and backgrounds.”

Since coming into office, Mayor Bowser’s investment in the preservation and creation of affordable housing through the HPTF has substantially increased each year, from $58.6 million in FY15 to $106.89 million in FY16 to $138.59 million in FY17 to $167.6 million in FY18. As a result, the Bowser Administration has been able to use multiple programs and tools to deliver 6,000 units of affordable housing, with an additional 5,200 under construction.

The Bowser Administration uses HPTF financing to support a range of projects, including rehabilitation, new construction, refinancing, acquisitions, and supporting tenants’ rights to buy their buildings through the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA). Most of the FY18 funding is being allocated to projects that will support households earning up to 50 percent of the 2018 Median Family Income (MFI) or $59,000 for a family of four.

The FY18 funding will provide gap financing to projects across the District and will benefit a wide variety of populations, including seniors, families, and veterans. The $167.6 million investment includes $91.4 million for eight new construction projects that will provide over 650 units and $76.2 million for 16 preservation projects that will provide over 950 units.

Located at 1400 Florida Avenue, NE, Delta Towers is currently a 149-unit affordable housing community in the Trinidad neighborhood of Ward 5, comprised of seniors, age 55 and older with earnings up to 30 percent of the 2018 MFI or $35,160 for a family of four. Phase I of this project will facilitate the redevelopment of the existing building to include adding 30 more affordable units. Eighteen of the new units will be used for permanent supportive housing (PSH).

New features will include amenities designed to foster social interaction, including a community room, computer access, and a fitness center. In addition, the development will include 4,300 square feet of ground floor retail.

“We committed to redeveloping Delta Towers in a way that creates the types of housing and resources the community needs – and that includes safe and affordable apartments for seniors,” said Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Brian Kenner.

The Bowser Administration has made the creation and preservation of affordable housing for seniors a top priority. The groundbreaking at Delta Towers follows the grand opening of Plaza West, a 223-unit community for seniors, families, and “grandfamilies” in Ward 6, and the groundbreaking at Abrams Hall Senior Apartments, an 80-unit housing community for seniors in Ward 4.

“Mayor Bowser charged me with aggressively transforming properties currently in DHCD’s inventory into vibrant spaces and I’m pleased with our tremendous progress towards achieving the Mayor’s vision of affordable housing,” said DHCD Director Polly Donaldson.

Delta Towers and Abrams Hall are among the 25 projects funded by the Housing Production Trust Fund (HPTF) in FY18, which will produce or preserve more than 1,600 affordable housing units for over 3,600 residents. Below is a list of projects that received HPTF financing in FY2018:

  1. 3534 East Capitol Street NE in Ward 7 ($19.67 million HPTF) will produce 137 units. Developer: 3534 East Cap Venture, LLC
  2. Meadow Green Court/Milestone Senior in Ward 7 ($6.91 million HPTF) will preserve 60 units. Developer: Milestone Senior Owner, LLC
  3. Tivoli Gardens in Ward 4 ($2.573 million HPTF) is a TOPA project that will preserve 49 units. Developer: Manna, Inc.
  4. Maplewood Courts in Ward 8 ($6.7 million HPTF) will preserve 94 units. Developer: Vesta Maplewood LLC
  5. 1164 Bladensburg Road NE in Ward 5 ($10.83 million HPTF) will produce 65 units for seniors. Developer: 1164 Bladensburg, LLC
  6. Parkway Overlook Apartments in Ward 8 ($20.1 million HPTF) will preserve 220 family-sized units. Developer: District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA)
  7. Partner Arms 2 in Ward 4 ($1.15 million HPTF) will preserve 12 family-sized PSH units. Developer: Housing Up
  8. 28th Place SE in Ward 7 ($400,000 HPTF): will produce 14 townhome units. Developer: Habitat for Humanity of Washington, DC
  9. Brookland Place Apartments in Ward 7 ($8.82 million HPTF) will preserve 80 units. Developer: Wesley Housing Development Corporation
  10. 8th and T Street NW in Ward 1 ($508,950 HPTF) will produce four family-sized units. Developer: Manna, Inc.
  11. 505 Jefferson Street NW in Ward 4 ($1.37 million HPTF) is a TOPA project that will preserve 14 units. Developer: Phoenix Cooperative Association
  12. Abrams Hall Senior Apartments in Ward 4 ($9.75 million HPTF) will produce 80 units, to include 16 PSH units. Developer: Housing Up
  13. Liberty Place Apartments in Ward 6 ($9.25 million HPTF) will produce 71 units, including 14 PSH units and seven units for veterans. Developer: NHT-Enterprise and IBF Development
  14. 5400 5th Street NW in Ward 4 ($1.39 million HPTF) is a TOPA project that will preserve 12 family-sized units. Developer: Mi Casa, Inc.
  15. 4701 Benning Road SE and 4447 E Street SE in Ward 7 ($2.51 million HPTF) is a TOPA project that will preserve 29 units. Developer: Ben-E Cooperative Association
  16. 301 Delafield Place NW in Ward 4 ($2.99 million HPTF) will preserve 23 units. Developer: Mi Casa. Inc.
  17. 22 Atlantic Street SE in Ward 8 ($2.67 million HPTF) will preserve 15 units. Developer: 22 Atlantic Cooperative Association, Inc.
  18. 2530-2532 Park Place SE in Ward 7 ($900,000 HPTF) is a TOPA project that will preserve 21 family-sized units. Developer: BCC Preservation Fund I LLC
  19. Amber Overlook in Ward 7 ($5.87 million HPTF) will produce 32 units. Developer: Horizon Hills
  20. 1431 E Street NE in Ward 6 ($1.22 million HPTF) is a TOPA project that will preserve 10 units. Developer: E Street Cooperative Association Inc.
  21. Belmont Crossing Apartments in Ward 8 ($8 million HPTF) is a TOPA project that will preserve 275 units. Developer: Belmont Crossing Partners, LLC
  22. 1035 48th Street NE in Ward 7 ($852,010 HPTF) is a TOPA project that will preserve 12 units. Developer: UrbanMatters Development Partners LLC
  23. 710 Jefferson Street NW in Ward 4 ($1.91 million HPTF) is a TOPA project that will preserve14 units. Developer: 710 Unidos Cooperative
  24. Delta Towers in Ward 5 ($23.3 million HPTF) will produce 30 additional units to increase capacity from 149 units to 179 units for seniors, including 18 PSH units. Developers: Delta Housing Corporation of the District of Columbia, Inc. (DHCDC), Dantes Partners, and Gilbane Development Company
  25. Capitol Vista in Ward 6 ($18.01 million HPTF) will produce 104 units. Developers: Dantes Partners, Housing on Merit, Menkiti Group, Spectrum Management, and Bailey Holdings

Today’s event at Delta Towers caps Mayor Bowser’s week-long celebration of #RootstoRoofs Housing Week, a series of events highlighting the Bowser Administration’s progress in creating and preserving affordable housing options across the District.

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