Newly Launched Mortgage Relief Formula Helps Homeowners Stop Foreclosure, Lower Payments Without Getting New Loans…


Even Sell Their House in Nine Days Without a Broker

More homeowners are turning to the newly launched Mortgage Relief Formula for do-it-yourself secrets of stopping foreclosure and getting out of crushing mortgage debt. New Mortgage Relief Formula home study course reveals secrets of how to get mortgage lenders to lower their payments without refinancing. Homeowners learn how to sell their own house in days, without a broker, and how to sell when they owe more than their house is worth.

Fairfax, VA,  December 27, 2007 — Richard Geller announced today that Mortgage Relief Formula has launched and is available now as a home trial for just the initial cost of shipping and handling at Mortgage Relief Formula Home Trial or by visiting

The Mortgage Relief Formula is a home study course that shows homeowners how to get debt relief and mortgage relief. It shows homeowners how they can cut their mortgage payments without refinancing, how they can reduce their credit card debt levels without bankruptcy, and how they can sell their houses even when there are no buyers and nothing else is selling in their neighborhood.

Today Richard Geller, developer of Mortgage Relief Formula, said, “More homeowners are seeking do-it-yourself solutions to their mortgage and debt problems. The Mortgage Relief Formula teaches homeowners how to help themselves. People have little or no equity in their homes and can’t afford to continue to make the payments. The Mortgage Relief Formula shows them the way out.”

Geller said that the Mortgage Relief Formula has already helped many homeowners do a short sale, lower their mortgage payments, or negotiate their way out of debts.

One of the early customers, Bill Gifford, said, “if you are starting to or have already fallen behind on your payments, you need to read this before you do anything else. It can literally help save your home, your credit and give you the peace of mind in knowing that you have options.”

Another customer, Ivan G. of Arlington, Virginia, said “this is the book lenders don’t want you to see, it could even save you thousands just by reading this book!”

Geller explained that loan modifications let a homeowner lower their mortgage payments through negotiations with their mortgage company. “If homeowners knew how easy it was to work with their lenders, they can help themselves to lower payments,” said Geller.

Another area where Mortgage Relief Formula helps homeowners is in doing short sales.

“Short sales solve the homeowner’s problem and the lender’s problem,” said Geller. “The homeowner sells for the best price, and the lender lets the homeowner get out of the mortgage.”

According to Geller, short sales are increasingly the only option for homeowners who want to avoid foreclosure. “If a homeowner owes more than their house is worth, a short sale lets them keep relatively good credit and still get out from under,” said Geller. “The Mortgage Relief Formula shows each step in a short sale so that the homeowner can escape their mortgage and hopefully improve their credit score.”

Geller said many homeowners do not realize that a short sale can be done even if they have a perfect payment record. “Whether you always pay on time or are delinquent, a short sale can let you escape a crushing mortgage,” said Geller.

The Mortgage Relief Formula includes a printed manual and three audio CDs.

Geller explained that one of the audio CDs contains an anonymous interview of a highly placed industry insider who has repossessed from thousands of homeowners as well as managed credit card operations for a major credit card bank. “Our anonymous source reveals secrets of avoiding foreclosure and working with lenders that have never been disclosed up until now”, Geller said.

Another audio CD has an interview with a well known bankruptcy lawyer who reveals information on bankruptcy that most people have never heard before.

The Mortgage Relief Formula also comes with a written manual that is broken down into sections and covers:

  • how to do a deed in lieu of foreclosure,
  • how to get your lender to lower your mortgage payments without getting a new loan,
  • how to get your lender to agree to a short sale,
  • how to sell your house in nine days even when there are no buyers,
  • how to slash your credit card debts while raising your FICO scores,
  • and even how to buy another house when you have had a foreclosure, with no cash and no credit.

“The Mortgage Relief Formula was written in consultation with industry insiders. It contains secrets that quite frankly turn the tables on your lender,” said Mr. Geller.

The Mortgage Relief Formula comes with 30 days of on line access to private forums for more help, and access to a live monthly conference call, according to Geller.

“People are looking to escape debts,” said Geller. “The Mortgage Relief Formula launch shows how to escape mortgage debt and credit card debt, raise your credit score, and start sleeping again at night.”

Homeowners can get the Mortgage Relief Formula Home Trial for just the initial cost of shipping and handling by visiting


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