Three Qualities Buyers Want to Avoid When Purchasing a Home


Folks who are interested in purchasing a home look for specific types of qualities before they commit to a purchase. It doesn’t matter if they are going through a purchase with the homeowner themselves, or using the help of a well-known real estate company, such as Klamen Real Estate. If a home doesn’t meet their specifications, many people won’t budge. Although the three qualities listed below aren’t mandatory for every person, they do influence a variety of people with different backgrounds and needs. Here is what to be aware of when presenting a home, and why it won’t always sell no matter how nice it looks.

The Home Doesn’t Work for Children or Pets in the Family

Potential homeowners who have children, pets, or both, won’t get a home if it doesn’t work for them. Pet owners have turned down homes because there wasn’t a large enough yard, or not enough space for the pet to run around in. Families with children look for similar qualities, including enough space for their children to sleep or play in. Space is not the only factor in determinging if they will purchase the home through. Other reasons for opting out include:

  • Not close enough to the school the child is attending, or it is not the type of school the parents want for their child.
  • Not close enough to parks or playgrounds.
  • The yard is not large enough, or there aren’t enough other children in the neighborhood. Some families prefer it if their children were among others their own age.
  • The area is too busy, noisy, or near an intersection. Many families enjoy living in a cul-de-sac or another quiet area, so they don’t have to worry about children or pets being too close to traffic or running out in the middle of a busy highway.

In relation to the smaller and younger members of the family, these are the most popular reasons would-be buyers determine their final answer is a “no”.

It’s Too Far Away from Their Job

Many people are willing to take on a new job when they move. For those that were stuck in a company they did not like, this might be the ideal opportunity to move out and start anew. Some folks like their job, have worked their way up the pay scale, or simply don’t want to change jobs and adjust to settling in to a new house as well. If a house is a reasonable drive away from where a person lives, they may consider it. Otherwise, additional commute time is usually not worth it, unless the house has specific features, such as being on a lakefront, or something else that makes it worthwhile to stay with.

The House isn’t Modern Enough

Many people don’t mind a simple fixer-upper when it comes to the home of their dreams. For some folks, very old homes are a non-negotiable, however. They don’t want to deal with the potential problems that could erupt in a home that is several centuries old. Even if the previous homeowner took excellent care of the home, older homes aren’t ideal for various reasons. The rooms are usually smaller, and getting the home brought up to code can be a major game changer in terms of spending money. They may come with problems such as:

  • Having lead paint
  • Asbestos
  • Problems related to mold and mildew growing in the house
  • Older plumbing and electrical systems that are not intended to handle the amount of electricity needed for present day living

If an older home hasn’t been updated in a while, electrical is a common issue. Microwaves today require more electricity than the first models that came out. Older homes might have several smaller rooms. While this sounds nice at first, folks are usually looking for a home that offers larger living space, even if that means fewer rooms. It’s easier to keep a few rooms clean, rather than manage several smaller ones.

All the above-mentioned issues can lead to individuals turning down a home that might have seemed like an ideal fit for them. When this happens, respect their wishes, and understand that they already know in their minds what type of home they are looking for. While it’s impossible to please everyone, keep in mind having all the exact qualities a buyer is looking for may take some time and even compromise on their part. Keep these details in mind when presenting the home to someone else, and eventually the home will find the perfect new owners to take over.

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