House hunting in America – How to look for a house in the US when you’re not from the US


House hunting can be a very exciting adventure, as well as taking a tour of different properties you might want to invest in. However, usually people just stick to their own country which severely limits the number of great opportunities they can run into. If you’re not from the US but would love to own property there, there is a way in which you can have yourself a grand tour. You don’t have to worry about visas in the traditional sense of the words, which is what keeps most people away from thinking bold plans like this.

You can simply get an ESTA visa and explore the land. Then, when you find something you really love, you can start worrying about other visas and requirements you might need. Business opportunities are invaluable in today’s market, especially really good business opportunities, so getting an ESTA is a really great way to make your dreams come true.

But what’s an ESTA

This is an online certification which attests that you are allowed to travel to the US. While other visas might take an eternity to be accepted, the ESTA can take as little as minutes before being approved. In the worst case scenario, you have to wait only 72 hours before you find out if you were accepted for the ESTA or not. Anyone that wants to travel to the US can do so if they have their ESTA, which is actually a requirement if you want to visit the US.

Things to know about your ESTA application

You can make an online ESTA application here. The process is simple as you just fill out a form with all the required information. Keep in mind that this has to be your own, personal information. You can’t apply on behalf of a larger group, but only on behalf of a person. That person can be you or someone else so yes, you can also apply for your friends if you so desire. It’s really simple and it won’t take more than 10 minutes before you’re done and ready to submit it.

ESTA limitations

This isn’t an infinite pass into the US, as the ESTA comes with its own limitations. The most important of these limitations is the fact that it will expire after two years. It’s a relatively short period of time but then again you won’t have to worry about it for two full years.

It is also noteworthy that you won’t be given access into the US just by metaphorically flashing your ESTA visa in their face. The customs officials and the border security will have the final say in this decision. They will perform a last check before granting you access but if nothing happened since the last check with the ESTA application, you should be fine.

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