Top five Property Management Firms in San Antonio

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Property management firms provide homeowners and real estate investors services for their properties such as marketing to fill up the vacant properties, screening of tenants, rent collection, maintenance, repairs, and administrative work. Firms also conduct regular checks and inspections of your property and keep you assured that your property is in good hands. Refer to the list provided below to find out about firms providing property management services in San Antonio.

The list of top firms providing service in Property Management in San Antonio are-

  1. Real Property Management Campanas

Real Property management Campanas specializes in property management with personal attention for buys professionals. The company has been in business for over 6 years now and takes a comprehensive approach to all the necessary operations to keep its client’s investments profitable and the tenants safe and satisfied. The company also has an extensive network of vendors, enabling faster service and keeping the vacancies at a minimum. Real property management Campanas live by their goal to find a good tenant for your property quickly.

  1. Asset Property Management, Inc.

The aim of Asset Property Management, Inc is to provide a personalized long-term service to its clients. The company also handles all your fiduciary duties such as rent collection, payment to third parties, administrative work, facilitates board meetings, and coordinates the maintenance work throughout the communities. The sole focus is on delivering management and oversight services to community associations that govern neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and other types of living establishments.

  1.  Belmares Properties

Belmares properties provide property management services to homeowners and real estate investors. The property management firm based in San Antonio handles your marketing to fill vacant properties, verifies the applicants, performs regular inspections while collecting monthly payments. They also coordinate any repair services and offer regular maintenance of your residential property.

  1. Brass Ring Properties

Brass Ring Properties operates in San Antonio and the surrounding communities providing residential property management to homeowners, real estate investors, and financial institutions. It provides the full array of services such as filling the vacant properties, screening the applicants, showing units, and negotiating leases. Company agents also assist in collecting rents, overseeing the move-ins and move-outs, maintenance, repairs, billing, invoicing among other financial tasks.

  1. Keyrenter Property Management

Keyrenter Property Management- San Antonio performs property management services and helping clients set up reliable streams of revenue by filling their vacant properties and optimizing the tenant selection process. The company also handles the maintenance of your property and provides convenient online options for the collection of rent. The company ensures the tenants uphold the lease agreements by performing proper background checks to assess liability and financial solvency.


The list of property management San Antonio is handpicked as per customer reviews and the company’s experience and expertise in the business. For more information on any of the firms listed above, go through the reference links provided below.

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