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Exterior of your home

As we grow in our careers, we usually want to climb up the social ladder, which translates to changes in our lifestyle. The inspiration comes from people around us who live a very comfortable life after doing so. You cannot achieve the upgrade without improving upon the things you already own. We are talking about everything you have that translates to your status symbol, from a laptop to your car. As you ascend the social ladder, it makes you replace more expensive things as you go up. And what is more valuable than your house compared to any of your belongings. The sad news is, you might have to replace that too at some point in life.

Understandably, this is not an easy decision since we make many cherished memories in a place we call our home. Before selling your house, you keep only one thing in mind: maximizing its selling price. This thought applies to anything you can sell, but with the houses, the great news is that you can add tons of customizations to elevate their selling price. In other cases, such as smartphones, laptops, and even cars, the model and usage mostly limit their selling price inside a small bracket. The value of your house depends mainly on the specifications and what modifications you have made over time. Every cabinet that you replaced in your kitchen, your floor, windows, doors, and even the color of your rooms contribute to the price you can ask your buyer. In this age of people who are very sensitive to the ambiance, you might also want to get rid of most of the junk at your house to give it a pleasing look. Every developed and civilized region of the world prefers cleanliness over other aspects. However, you cannot simply throw away everything as cities such as Philadelphia have strict recycling laws. You could either call for Junk Removal Philly services or track down the recycling facilities and take your junk there for disposal. Getting back to increasing your house value before selling, here are some of the steps you can take to get a reasonable price for your prized possession.


Well, we will start with the most important thing first. It is pertinent to get rid of anything in your house that will put-off your potential buyers since they would have to deal with it once they buy the house. Most such things are junk, and if you do not wish to take them to your new place, it is better to get rid of them before selling. Though you can’t put them in a box and put them to the side of the street, many states have strict laws against curbside junk. The best way is to look for recycling services and let them deal with it as they are the experts.

Besides junk removal, many people love a minimalistic house with as little furniture visible as possible. Such designs make the rooms and house look larger than it is. Other people have the stuff they want to bring in according to their taste, so it is better to make way for that. After all, they are buying the house, so catering to their needs should be your priority.


After we have taken care of the junk, we can now focus on other features of the house that we can alter to make them more presentable. The first place all the people visiting you stumble upon is the exterior of your home. You wouldn’t want to ruin the first impression of your house, and hence you should begin with trimming your trees to the front of your house, so it has a better look. Trees and nature are an essential part of the house, but when they overgrow, they do look a bit odd. Pruning them to a presentable size will just make the front of your home look excellent.

Afterward, you can focus on installing other decorative structures like veneer for your walls, such as stone. Many people also invest in improving their doors as well as the entrance of the garage or porch. If you have enough money, you can also invest in installing a deck at the front of your house. The pavement that leads to your home also sometimes needs an extra touch, like placing stones or customized tiles. The garden of your house should also look good. Having trimmed grass and installing small flower plants will make it stand out among the other homes. Also, do not ignore the gardens at the back of your house, if there are any. All these elements combined will give your buyers the best first impression you can provide them.


Now we move inside, which is essential since that is where the people live. Doors and windows can sometimes appear to look old or decolored, which are a big turn off. No matter what you do to the rest of the rooms, if these two elements do not look good, it will be pointless. You do not necessarily have to replace them, giving them a new paint job might just suffice. However, the color that you choose must match the other contents of the room and the rest of the house.


Nobody can ignore the floors as they are the first thing people notice before entering a room. A good base will turn a 5/10 into 9/10 or even a full score. Carpets are going out of fashion nowadays, as research suggests they reduce the room air quality, but that is totally up to your own choice. Wooden floors are something that always appeals to the aesthetics of the people though they are a bit high maintenance. However, you are in luck as the wooden floor now also comes with the option of waterproofing. Others simply prefer colored tiles; however, you must decide on a color that complements the other contents of the room.


The other things that contribute to the probable value of your house are the kitchen and bathrooms. People do not want any defective material installed there, so firstly, you must check if everything is in working condition. Afterward, you can think about modifications such as installing new cabinets in the kitchens and changing knobs in the bathroom to increase their aesthetic value.


Finally, we can talk about the pain that contributes to the aesthetic look of the room individually and in the house. Though the new tenants would want to customize the paints and other material on their own, you can make their life more comfortable if you have chosen the right dyes. You should keep in mind the other stuff, such as the door, floor, and windows, while selecting a color as everything should match smoothly.


An immense amount of thought goes into every big decision of your life, and selling a house is no exception. While you give away a place associated with many of your memories, you could make a little more out of it if you apply a few tweaks. Unlike other things, you can always improve the components of your house that contribute to the overall value. In a competitive real estate market, you would want your home to look more appealing to potential buyers.

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