Why Minneapolis is a Great Place to Buy a Home


Whether you are looking for a place to buy your first home or you think it’s a good time to invest in real estate for monetary gain, choosing the right location is critical. Not all towns and cities are equal. In some, the crime rates are horrific. In others, employment opportunities are lacking. Since buying real estate is usually a long-term investment, it makes sense to make a list of what you need and draw up a list of suitable locations. If you need help choosing the right Minneapolis neighborhood, speak to an experienced real estate agent, such as Twin Cities Real Estate.

Minneapolis Mill City Museum

Of course, if your location is tied to family and a job, none of this will matter, but if you are looking for a fresh start, here’s why Minneapolis could be an excellent place to buy your first, second, or even tenth home!

Minneapolis is a Clean Place to Live

Minneapolis recently topped a poll for the cleanest urban areas in the US. 90% of people polled said they thought the most populated areas of Minneapolis were clean or somewhat clean. For many people, cleanliness is extremely important. They don’t want their morning commute or walk with the kids to be blighted by refuse and dog mess. If you are one of these people, Minneapolis could be perfect for you.

Excellent Infrastructure

Modern cities need excellent infrastructure. Otherwise, it all begins to fall apart. Without efficient public infrastructure, residents can’t get to work, and if people can’t work, productivity is threatened. Many American cities are blighted by crumbling road systems, structurally deficient bridges, and inefficient public transit systems. Most of these problems have been caused by decades of underinvestment in infrastructure and it was one of President Trump’s key campaign topics.

Minneapolis is lucky enough to have great infrastructure, which was flagged up by a survey carried out by a well-known real estate website. The city spends a great deal on new infrastructure and maintenance, which is why it was rated number one for the quality of its infrastructure, mostly thanks to its excellent light-rail system. Minneapolis is also bike-friendly, with plenty of bike routes in and around the city, which is very important for health-conscious millennials.

Smart City

Smart cities are the way forward. “Smart” refers to the use of telematics and sensors to better manage vehicles and other assets in a city. Sensors collect data on traffic flow, so it can be better managed. This prevents bottleneck jams from causing chaos during peak travel times, i.e. early morning and tea-time.

Minneapolis has been at the cutting edge of telematics and remote data collection since 2014. The data collected has helped numerous city departments find more efficient ways of doing everyday tasks, from fighting crime to managing public transit.

Job availability in Minneapolis is expected to reach 3.1 million by 2022, so employment prospects are good. Job growth has seen 1.4% growth since 2011, which is a lot better than many other US cities.

In summary, Minneapolis is a great place to buy real estate – just ask the 413k people who already live there!

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