Wood-look Tiles: How Suitable Are They for Urban Homes?

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Tiles that look like wood – you can be forgiven if you don’t know yet what they are. Although they have been in the market for quite some time, it wasn’t until recently that they have become an interior design phenomenon. As the name suggests, they are floor tiles that can recreate the texture and look of natural woods and timber. As a result, people of all walks of life rush to install them in their homes, with particular emphasis and recommendations from interior designers.

But what is driving the popularity of wood-look tiles? Are they even suitable for a rustic, urban environment? How to keep up their appearance in an urban jungle? We discuss all that below.


Wood-look tiles are the trend of the time.

In its basics, wood-look tiles are made with non-porous stoneware material. The ingredients are sustainably sourced and then put through an innovative manufacturing method to come into being. The end product looks like natural timber or wood, with a faithful recreation of the hues, textures, and other natural quirks. As a result, they offer a modern solution for contemporary homes, enabling owners to create a warm and inviting ambience in their homes.

At the same time, the ambience of the natural environment bodes perfectly well with the current trend in lifestyle. Urban people are increasingly becoming aware of environmental health, many of them committing to a sustainable lifestyle. In such a context, tiles that look like wood offer a material option to implement that in the structural designs while profoundly benefiting the environment.


Wood-look tiles reinvigorate the urban environment.

Urbanisation has focused mainly on using concrete, bricks, metals, and other rustic materials in modern civilisation. It eventually gave the cities and towns an edgy, innovative, and attractive look and feel. However, much urban space falls short of the necessary ambience for stress relief or reinvigoration of energies.

But thankfully, tiles that look like wood can bring a bit of the natural world to the city surfaces, giving it a new lease of life that recharges and re-energises the soul. So whether you look at a wall finished with natural hues or feel the sensation of natural textures as you walk over them barefoot, it is going to relieve your stress and fill you with new inspiration to tackle another day.

Wood-look tiles are effortless to maintain.

Although technical assistance from tiling experts are readily available in most urban areas, it is not easy to fix floor tiles in an urban home. If it’s in an apartment complex, you may have to discuss it with the neighbours. If it’s an exterior, you may need planning approval! Fortunately, wood-look tiles made with porcelain stoneware material are robust and long-lasting. They are also resistant to the natural and manufactured environment, tackling dirt, grimes, humidity, and temperature without any fuss. Hence, once installed, you can forget about them for decades. Just make sure to give them a wash now and then.

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